10 Free Tips To Build Your Facebook Audience

Your main goal should be to use Facebook as a way to get traffic, create a relationship, and then drive them to take action either on or off your Facebook page to your website, a landing page for an email sign up, sales page, video demonstration, or on your blog. So basically Facebook should be a way to drive traffic to a place where you can obtain benefits (leads, purchases etc).

Here are some strategies for you to use to build a highly targeted audience:

1. Add your page to your personal profile

When you add your page name to the Work and Education section of your personal profile, it lets anyone viewing your profile see the name of your page. When they hover over the page name they will be able to see a mini image of your cover photo and they can ‘like’ or message you. Simply start to type your page name into the Work and Education section and your page name will display in the drop down for you to click on.

This is incredibly useful if you are networking and ‘liking’ other business pages on Facebook. When the owner of that page sees you have ‘liked’ their page, they may very well check out your profile, see you have a page, and may reciprocate by ‘liking’ your page too.

Reciprocating by ‘liking’ your fans’ pages is a very good practice. Supporting your fans this way goes a long way in building relationships, especially when you start engaging with their content.

2. Invite your friends

Now your page and your personal profile are ready, and you can invite your Facebook friends. Simply go to your page, make sure you are using your page as yourself, and then click on Build Audience and then Invite Friends. You can select whoever you want to and send them an invitation to ‘like’ your page.

3. Invite your email contacts

What better way to build relationships with your current contacts than inviting them to your Facebook page. Simply go to your page and, by using your page as yourself, click Build Audience and then Import Contacts and invite your contacts.

4. Use Facebook groups to grow your audience

Finding your Facebook audience is made really easy with Facebook search and you can find all sorts of interest groups, pages, and people relating to your niche. By entering the relevant keywords into the search box at the top of your page Facebook will come up with a list of results relevant to your search and you can then filter the search information into various categories: groups, people, places, pages, events, etc.

Joining groups in your niche and then joining in the community will not only help you make new connections, but you can post links to your blog posts or your Facebook page if the content is relevant.

5. Be Social

Being active on Facebook, commenting, and sharing other people’s posts will increase visibility of your profile and your business page. Going to other pages and posting helpful comments is a sure way of getting people to come over and see what you are about.

You can select whether you want to comment as yourself or your page by clicking the ‘gear’ icon at the top right of your page. This is particularly good for personal brands which have their own photo for their profile photo rather than a logo, as people much prefer to connect with a face.

6. Leave comments on blogs, articles, and forums

If you are leaving relevant and interesting comments on other people’s blogs, you can also leave an invitation to connect with you on your Facebook page. You may even get the blogger themselves.

7. Encourage fans to get all your notifications

Because of Facebook’s algorithms, your Facebook fans probably will not get to see all your posts unless they have switched on Get notifications. To do this you simply hover over the arrow where it says liked and click on Get Notifications. It’s a good idea to encourage your fans to select this so they don’t miss out on any of your updates. You could do this by announcing that you have something really exciting coming up in the near future and if they want to make sure they hear about it then they need to switch on Get Notifications.

8. Encourage people to check in at your business

With the introduction of the nearby tab and check-in, Facebook offers their users even more opportunities to find businesses near to them and also offers business owners more opportunities to be found. If a user checks-in at your business it will show up in their friends’ News Feeds. By using Facebook offers you can create offers and give your fans an incentive to check-in at your business.

9. Add your Facebook page to all your promotional and sales materials

Make sure you add your Facebook URL to any literature, business cards, brochures, shop signs, your transportation, or any other promotional material you produce. Make sure you have set up your Facebook username so it’s easy for people to remember.

10. Create a competition or sweepstakes

To help attract people to their Facebook pages, more and more companies are giving away prizes in Facebook sweepstakes and contests. This type of promotion can be incredibly effective, and since Facebook has relaxed their rules concerning competitions, you can now run them on your timeline without having to use a third party application. Before running a contest please check Facebook rules about running contests.


The more fans you have on your page the more potential you have to drive traffic to your website, especially when you crossed the 1000 fans milestone. Also with the introduction of Graph Search, fans are more important than ever. It is becoming evident that the more fans you have on your page the higher you will rank on a Facebook search.

Here are only 10 tips you can use for your Facebook promotion. In order to get more ideas check our magazine. Also, especially if you are a new business make sure you keep an eye on your competition and see what they are using and what works for them.

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