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Our 2016 Report and the Strategy for 2017

It’s 2017 already so this is the best moment to review what happen in 2016 with Monetize.info and create a development strategy for this year.

Monetize.info was relaunched September 13, 2016 after almost two years when nothing major was done with this site. In this three months we posted more than 50 articles covering SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Lifestyle.

Check this article for our most successful posted articles in 2016.

Our traffic increased heavily from almost none to a a top of 13000 page views in November. Also we got over 700 new followers on Twitter and over 5000 page likes on Facebook. This was done without any off-site SEO or paid marketing as we focused only on Social Media and On-site SEO. If you’d like to find out more about on-seo tips check this article.

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2017 is going to be a busy year, here at Monetize.info as we plan to increase our online exposure heavily.  We have had a pretty productive brainstorming session online with our staff and coworkers and bellow we will find the ideas that came out. As you will notice if you read our philosophy  we are very open on what we do and what we plan to do.

There are many reasons for being open but the main one is that we’d like to help our readers replicate what are we doing. As we like to experiment different methods you should check our errors and mistakes and don’t do them. Another reason is that we believe in a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

This makes us totally open with our business journey. If you are willing to learn from us or giving us tips from your own experience you’re more than welcome.

What we plan to do in 2017

Several of the things we’d like to do:

  1. Sindicate our content on blogging platforms and social media sites that support alternative content like videos, documents, presentations etc (Youtbe, ScribD, SlideShare etc)
  2. Organize more interview sessions with successful bloggers, entrepreneurs and online money makers.
  3. Besides Twitter and Facebook we will be more active and build a social presence  also on Linkedin, Google + and Pinterest.
  4. Start a Facebook or Linkedin group to get in touch and know better our readers.
  5. Guest post on other blogs and online magazines to spread the word about Monetize.info.
  6. Work on a off-site SEO plan to improve our rankings.
  7. Establish more relations with people from SEO, Social Media and blogging areas.
  8. Launch a mobile app (Android and Iphone) for the website to reach new audiences and our readers be able to read/save our articles while offline.
  9. Write a tutorial/small book that will be offered for free to all our email subscribers. !IMPORTANT!
  10. Write a book to help readers that want to monetize their skills or passions. Most of the content is already posted here just needs to be touched and updated.
  11. Invite bloggers to guest post on our magazine; If you’d like to contribute you can do it by checking the write for us page.
  12. Will install an email list/newsletter solution making it easy for our readers to subscribe and get updates about new posts. Any suggestions on that ?
  13. Will install a push notification solutions so our readers will be able to easily subscribe and get instant updates on our fresh content. (This is a nice post that compares 5 push notification solutions pretty neat.) !DONE!

These are the raw ideas, in no particular order. Latter on will be prioritized. I will keep you guys updated with the progress.

If you have any suggestions for the ideas or you’d like to share your experience, you should do it using the comments form.

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