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25 Blog Post Ideas For your Business Blog

The most successful blog posts allow your readers to learn something new and provide some type of value. Whether you intend to post once a week or once a day, having a content cushion built up before you launch your blog, as well as carry you through the first few months, can make your entry to blogging much easier.

Writing blog posts for a small business, nonprofit, or personal interest niche site can be quite complicated. However, the importance of posting consistently as part of your overall blogging strategy cannot be stressed enough. Consistent posting to your blog can lead to improved Google rankings, increased authority in your niche topic, and additional avenues to reach your potential customers.

25 Blog Post Ideas

The following blog post ideas are offered to assist you on a weekly basis as you commence your blogging and creative growth and begin providing practical information to your readers.

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  2. What allowed you to move beyond fear and pursue nonprofit or business ownership?
  3. Interview an industry leader in your nonprofit or business niche. Check our interviews section.
  4. Interview your customers. Where are they from? What do they like or dislike about your nonprofit?
  5. How is the reality of running a business different from what you expected?
  6. How did you manage to start your business? (You might focus on practical points such as securing financing, required permits, and so on.)
  7. What causes do you care about? How has your business supported your favorite charity?
  8. A day in the life of…your bookstore, shoe store, marketing firm.
  9. Respond to a critic head-on. Don’t be confrontational, but explain your point of view in a professional manner. For example, if you’ve had a customer service issue, explain what you are doing to remedy the situation.
  10. What makes your business different?
  11. Define your customer service philosophy.
  12. Conduct a photo or video walking tour of your business.
  13. Write a top ten blogs in your industry.
  14. How is your business or service conducted in other cultures? For example, are there any differences between carpet cleaners (or whatever your venture or nonprofit is) in New York City and Tokyo?
  15. What software or online tools do you use that make your life easier?
  16. Announce a contest on your blog for a free giveaway.
  17. If you have employees present them (their job, passions, awards) one by one in a special friday/weekend blog post.
  18. Highlight some monthly specials, promotions, or clearance items
  19. Describe any improvements or upgrades you have made to your business.
  20. Create a tutorial post specific to your industry, which might be a trivial task for you but could really help the readers (it might be securing an iPhone, or how to make the perfect pizza crust).
  21. Define the origins and shipping procedure of your product. How did that coffee get to your café? Where is it grown?
  22. What are the top ten mistakes you’ve made while running your business?
  23. Do a real-life product review where you use one of your services or business items for a week and report back on your findings.
  24. Tell about a hilarious situation that occurred at your office or in your time off. Just make sure you don’t offend anyone.
  25. Thank every single person who has helped you along your way.

You may read this article about finding topics to write about.

So if you should find yourself lacking in time to come up with creative ideas for blogging during the next weeks, the topics above should help to get you started. What other blog post ideas do you have ? Share them with us using the comments form.

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