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5 changes you need to do in your business to save money
5 changes you need to do in your business to save money

5 changes you need to do in your business to save money

Every business owner evaluates through his/her business. The progress of the business is determined by the little revenue getting in the business as well as the money spent on expenses. These will determine the annual profit the business has made.

For a large business, these little pennies might not be felt as compared to a small business where everything counts. Therefore, coming up with a way to start saving on your business can have a big effect on the contribution of making a larger profit.

The most notable expense in many small businesses tends to be on energy. Hence, energy saving measures employed after can have a positive effect on the success of the business.

According to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, U.S. small businesses collectively spend a staggering $60 billion on energy each year.1 Additionally, a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) found that energy costs are a top-three business expense for more than one-third of the nation’s small businesses.2

But, small businesses also possess significant energy savings potential. Depending on the building and business type, small businesses could reduce their energy costs between 10 and 30 percent through competitive rates, straightforward efficiency upgrades, and simple behavioral adjustments – all without sacrificing service or comfort

Consulting online services like simplyswitch.com energy comparison tool to help change your business for the best. It states the following;

#1- Finding the cheapest gas and electricity supplier

The Simply Switch website helps in identifying energy provider with low costs.  The process is usually simple, to allow save most of your time. It helps in switching to another provider and canceling your agreement with the other provider.

Most of the paperwork is done by the site and therefore nothing to strain.

#2 – Implementing simple energy saving measures

Everyone understands the need to make a replacement of old bulbs in the building with modern bulbs which are energy saving. This also includes switching off unnecessary light bulbs in the room as well as computers and other office equipment. These are simple with high significance to energy bill at the end of the month.

#3 – Using smart meters

These are meters that send automatic readings of your gas and electricity usage. They are easy to read at home. Therefore, increasing accuracy on the amount of electricity or gas you are using, this will avoid overpaying for the energy you did not use.

#4 – Going for a green energy plan

Small businesses are being encouraged to switch to green energy after Google and Apple announced plans to reach a 100% renewable energy target as part of RE100.

RE100 is a global collaborative initiative of 83 of the world’s most influential companies. As well as Google and Apple, its partners include IKEA, Adobe, and Diageo. All of them are committed to increasing demand for, and delivery of, 100% renewable power – and influencing others to follow their lead.

While people are becoming aware of their environment, using energy from renewable sources like the sun and wind power can help in saving expenses in the business.

The energy from them is used for heating and lighting the business. Simply Switch shows renewable energy deals from different providers as well as how to produce your own energy to supplement the available energy.

#5 – Underfloor heating

This is where a hot element is laid under the floor, for example, a tube, to transfer heat into the room by using convection. This replaces the need for blowing air into the room making it more cost effective to the business.  

Heat conditioning can also be accomplished by using a thermostat that automatically condition’s your office. It can be set at the time of the day you are at home or in the office and on what level it should condition the building.

The simplyswitch.com energy comparison services are available for free and easy. They are reliable to provide with updated correct information on the best providers available.

Using services from them can have a great impact on saving your business an extra coin.

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