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5 Places to Find Great Niche Topics To Write About

The act of selecting a Niche, for an internet marketer can be simply translated as “Select your Topic to write something about”. It’s important to keep in mind that more the niches are uncovered, the easier it for your article to be placed better in Google and other search engines.

Also if there is a topic that lacks of articles will be shared on social media sites as people love to share with others when they discover something fresh and interesting.

Otherwise, if your niche is one of the most followed, you can simply search for a good sub-niche, that generates a really good source of traffic.

If your question is now “How can I find a good niche to write about if I have no ideas?”, You are correct. But let me explain… I love to use some specific websites, some of them are really difficult to find and unexplored.

To find some good niche topics and expand on many articles, here are the websites :

1. Google Trends and Hot Trends

Google Trends is an easy tool provided by Google. It shows you the most popularly searched terms, internationally. You can insert a word to see how often that keyword was searched, or simply view the new Top Charts section, with the second link, that will give you many ideas. Try it and be amazed
And remember that it’s fundamental to create articles about new trends!

2. Amazon

Amazon, The well known international bookseller can be useful for researches. In fact, visiting the page I selected, you can stay informed about new released books.
So you can be informed about the latest topics selected by readers. But you can search also physical products to target in your articles.

3. Yahoo! Answers

You can visit Yahoo! Answers daily, to check what questions are posted about the niche you’ve chosen. You can write an article based on their questions, and then redirect them to your article, to find the answer they are searching for. Simple and powerful !

4. Magazines.com

Magazines.com provide more than 2000 publications to its subscribers. By your side, you can check the most spreaded information in USA. You can check every magazine’s cover or subscribe the magazines in which you are interested. If you want to discover more about contents, http://www.blogmagazine.com is the Magazines.com Official Blog.

5. Google Play Store &  Apple App Store

Google Play, is a digital distribution platform for apps on Android and an online electronics and digital media store developed and maintained by Google

On mobile application marketplaces like Google Play Store and Apple Marketplace you find plenty of niches ideas especially considering that fact is easy to judge by number of downloads or how many times an app have been purchased how fed with buyers a niche is.

After you chose a niche that you enjoy writing about you have to think on several ways to monetize the content you are going to write.

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