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5 tips to improve motivation at work and further your career

5 tips to improve motivation at work and further your career

A famous series of studies took place in the mid-1920’s and early 1930’s. A group of scientists wanted to see if worker productivity changed under low or high levels of light. They did this at the Hawthorne Works factory in Chicago.

Interestingly, they found that worker productivity increased, regardless of light, throughout the study. But, productivity dropped back to normal levels when the study ended. It turned out that the workers gave more effort because they were being watched by the scientists.

This became known as the Hawthorne effect; the idea that people are more motivated when they are being observed. The study illustrated the importance of motivation in being productive. It is hard to work to your maximum potential if you aren’t motivated.

This may seem obvious to a lot of people reading this article. But, many individuals have a difficult time getting motivated for any goal. This could be putting in more effort at work to further your career, or even setting a new habit.

All of these require motivation to do consistently. But, it’s not practical to expect others to motivate you all the time.

Finding simple ways to motivate yourself can help you stay energized and put more effort into everything you do. This can help you reach your goals faster and accomplish more.

With this in mind, we decided to put together this article outlining five tips to help you stay energized at work.

5 Tips For Staying Energized At Work

 1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is often seen as something that needs motivation, as opposed to something that gives you motivation. But, regular exercise can help boost motivation and help you feel empowered.

This increased motivation can transfer easily to the workplace. So, try getting some exercise in at lunch if you want to get more energized at work.

2Eat a healthy diet

Just like exercising, a healthy diet can improve mood and boost motivation. Multiple studies have shown greater productivity and feelings of higher energy with improvement in diet. It can also help overall mental and physical health.

This is likely because getting in enough vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats all help brain function. In any case, a healthy diet and exercise can be combined to improve your energy at work as well as boost your health.

3.Use music

There’s a reason you see a lot of athletes listen to music before training or competition. Music can boost motivation and mood. This is true even during the toughest of tasks.

It’s also a very easy and low-cost way to boost motivation. Simply adding your favorite songs to your phone and listening to them at work can help you increase productivity and make you feel more energized. So, get those tunes playing.

4.Set deadlines and keep accountable to someone

From reading the start of this article, the importance of accountability should seem clear. Having to report your progress to someone regularly helps you fully realize how much you’ve done. It also helps you clearly picture what you have left to do and how to do it.

Reporting to someone also allows you to ask for feedback and get an outside opinion on your work. Feedback has also been shown to boost motivation. So, it should be a no-brainer as to why you should look at getting a project partner or friend to review your work whenever possible.

Keeping a time limit on when work needs to be done can also help invigorate your work process. It applies pressure and importance to the time you use and can help cut down procrastination.

If you’re looking for progress towards your goals, these two steps should be carried out every day for the best result. This is true in both your work and home life.

5.Prioritize unenjoyable tasks

Enjoyability is a big factor in productivity. Anxiety and dread cannot only hinder how much you feel like doing but also contribute to health issues like fibromyalgia or migraines, which could have you reaching for some Lyrica coupons to help treat it.

But, balancing your enjoyable and unenjoyable tasks can help avoid all of these problems. Getting your least enjoyable tasks out of the way early can help you enjoy the rest of your time working and reinvigorate you as fatigue sets in.

This can help create a happy, energetic, and sustainable working environment that can help you work harder and reach your goals faster.

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