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7 Digital Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

In this era of immense competition, digital media provides vast opportunities for businesses.

It plays a crucial role in building your brand, sending your message across to the potential audience and is an effective tool to save money, but to take maximum advantage of this platform, a marketer must strategize things smartly.

Merely, adoption of technology doesn’t reap desired results unless it is supported by appropriate execution.

You have to get it right if you want to avoid the pitfalls.

Here are some of the major mistakes to avoid in your digital marketing campaign to reap the benefits.

Not setting goals and budget

Before setting up a campaign, it is essential to define your goals and allocate an appropriate budget.

Without clear and defined goals, it would be difficult to measure the impact of your digital marketing efforts as well as its ROI.

If your goal is building brand awareness, then success will be measured by exposure and traffic, but if you are looking to reach customers closer to the purchase decision, conversions matter and quality matters more than quantity.

So, set up your goals and budget and then proceed to execute the campaign.

Not knowing your audience

Understanding your target audience is of utmost importance, from budgeting and planning to implementation and results, everything depends on your target audience and their preferences.

Digital marketing is not just about publishing great content, tweets and Facebook posts, it’s about getting a return on your efforts.

So, knowing your target audience likes, dislikes, income, race, colour, education and other important information related to your market segment let you design a powerful marketing strategy.

Not being mobile friendly

With 80% of the Australian population using smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet, digital marketers cannot afford to overlook this aspect. If your campaign is not optimised for mobile, you are excluding the majority of the potential customers and losing them to your competitors.

Everything, from emails to apps and newsletters to website itself, should be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to accommodate your target audience.

Not doing keyword research when producing content

If you are producing content on a regular basis, then you are headed in the right direction, but was your editorial calendar put strategically, or did you just have a big team brainstorming session about the content you should put out?

If it’s the latter, fret not, there are easy ways to optimise your content to ensure it’s being found by search engines and ultimately users.

Before you put together your content, do keyword research to check what people are searching for. This is essential because you may be producing the most valuable content on the web, but if no one is searching it, then it’s of no use and won’t bring in the customers.

Advertising on wrong sites

While it may be tough to choose your audience in every case, but you should try to control as much as possible. Have you ever seen something like men’s hair loss cream on a Cosmo? Probably not, that’s because running an ad like that in a Cosmo would be a complete and total waste of time, efforts and money.

An advertisement placed on the wrong site can be more damaging to your brand than no ad at all. Your product is geared towards a specific audience and you just can’t pick any random site to run your ads in and hope it works. So, be a little cautious while choosing sites to run your ads.

Not hiring an expert agency or team

Digital marketing is a very diversified field and involves activities of definite specialisation. Single person cannot achieve all the targets solely and it can become quite overwhelming.

Furthermore, digital marketing requires a number of tools and strategies to be implemented that you may not have the knowledge of. Most advertisers believe in running and controlling the digital campaigns by themselves, without possessing the required knowledge, skills, and experience.

So, to harvest maximum benefits of digital advertising, consider hiring a team of qualified SEO experts or a reputed digital agency in Australia.

Not tracking your efforts

Even if you start implementing the above-mentioned points, you still have to make sure you track your efforts. This allows better understanding as to which campaigns are bringing your business the most success.

Tracking your efforts could be daunting, but is an essential part, so it is important that you hire a team of experts to help you. This will help you build better demographic models, scale your approach and maximize your resources and also they can help you analyse your metrics across all channels.

These are the mistakes you should avoid in order to reap the benefits of digital advertising.

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