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Affiliate Program – Register, Promote and Earn! is one of the best monetization portals that help creators to make money and companies promote their products and services. With top mentions and reviews, a flawless track record, and thousands of visits, we’re immensely proud of its growth from strength to strength.

As a affiliate, you are part of the team and make nice recurring revenue along the way. This involves recommending to your customers our services and being rewarded with a generous 20% commission on every referral purchase. Every time!

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Why to join the affiliate program?

Below are the most important benefits you will enjoy as our affiliate:

  • Earn generous 20% recurring commissions on all current and further products;
  • 60-day affiliate cookie;
  • Access creative banners, emails, and text links that are optimized to convert;
  • Enjoy rapid monthly payments (through PayPal);
  • Join for free!
  • Reliably track commissions and create unique links;
  • You’ll be promoting one of the best affiliate marketing portals.

What products are available for promotion?

You can make a 20% recurring commission for all our premium products: 1 to 1 Consulting, Native articles, Reviews, Dedicated emails, and Website sponsorships. Our affiliate cookies are global, so you will still get a commission if you advertise one product and your customer purchase another. Also, you will get credited for ALL further purchases.

How to get started?

Fill out the form to the right and your account will be created. Once we’ve reviewed and approved your application, you’ll receive an email notification. You’ll then be able to access the affiliate panel under Account » Affiliate Area.

How to generate commissions?

Once you join our affiliate marketing program, you’ll have access to our links. You can use these links on your website/blog, and when a visitor clicks one and completes a sale, you’ll be credited for the commission. You can track your commission amount by logging into your account.

What isn't allowed?

We do not allow blackhat or illegal promotional methods that will put our business in danger or a shady light. Also, do not use coupon sharing sites or discount sites, or self-referring.

When will I get paid?

There is a waiting period of 30 days as we offer a money-back guarantee to customers. After this, all sales are final, and you can request a payment. We process the payments on the 15th of the month by PayPal.

How to get help?

We are eager to help affiliates make more money and step up their game. Read our affiliate marketing guides and if you have questions feel free to contact us here. Also, check our forum as there is plenty of useful information there as well.
[affiliate_registration] or if you are already registered, then login.

We handle all sales, downloads, and support. All you have to do is to collect payments in your PayPal account once a month!

All submissions are manually reviewed and you will receive an email if your submission is successful.

Keep in mind that all the sales have a pending period of 30 days so we can honor the money-back guarantee to our customers. After 30 days, the sales are considered final and you will receive the affiliate commission in your PayPal account.

If you have questions, contact us here.