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Never Be Afraid To Succeed

Are You Afraid To Succeed? Check if that’s your case

No entrepreneur goes into business with the desire to fail.  Entrepreneurs are some of the most disciplined and hardest working people in the world.  Yet, some of the most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs fail intentionally.  They are not aspiring to fail, bur rather they are subconsciously afraid to succeed.

It is difficult to understand why anyone would be afraid to succeed.  There are actually a few different reasons why ambitious people may sabotage themselves.

1. You don’t think it is possible to succeed

This is probably the most obvious reason someone can be afraid of success.  They fear that they are dreaming the impossible.  Either their vision is outside the realm of possibility or they are not the ones who are destined to achieve it.

People with this attitude are afraid that if they try and fail they will be miserable.  Instead, they choose to sit idly by watching their dreams fall apart.  The regret of never taking action eventually causes them to feel even more depressed.

The only cure for this type of depression is to try to achieve their goals.  Even though every entrepreneur can succeed, not every one of them actually will.  At least not the first time around.  However, you want to at least be able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you didn’t give up on your dream.

The worst fate for any natural entrepreneur would be to lie on their death bed asking themselves “What if…”

2. You are afraid of changing yourself

Entrepreneurs are afraid that being successful means that they are going to have to change who they are and become someone they are afraid of.  Maybe they watched too many Star Wars movies and think that being successful is going to turn them over to the Dark Side.  They also may also associate success with the traits of Gordon Gecko or Richard Nixon.

Being successful doesn’t mean that you have to become a sociopath.  Success will definitely have a change on your perceptions and who you are, but it doesn’t have to turn you into someone you are going to detest.  Many successful business people have turned out to be some of the most compassionate people in history.

3. You don’t think you deserve to succeed

These entrepreneurs feel that they only deserve to dream.  While they have the potential to make their dreams come true, they don’t believe they deserve to.  Even if they have the faith in their abilities to become successful, they don’t believe they deserve success.  This can be a product of either poor self-esteem or shame.

4. Every entrepreneur deserves to succeed

It takes a remarkable person to set on the adventure of running a business.  Most people are not born with such a high level of innovation and determination.  The moment you decided to start a business you deserved the chance to succeed.

Overcoming fear of success may be more difficult for some people than others.  Some people need to simply change their frame of mind, while others may need counseling to deal with a deeper psychological issue.  Either way, never let your fear keep you from achieving your dreams.

Fear of failure can be a good motivator, and it depends on whether people have a ‘towards’ or ‘away-from’ mentality. But it also true that you can never escape fear – you can only accept it and persevere irregardless. So, in that sense, you may fear succeeding in some ways but continue anyway.

5. Haven’t found your true motivation yet

Personally, my drive to become an entrepreneur is part way through being a dreamer and partially fear of not succeeding. It is true that the closer success is the scarier it can be – your life will change, your responsibilities will increase, you will be tested in new ways. But don’t be afraid to succeed as the opportunities and the lifestyle you have will definitely worth it. Also don’t forget to enjoy the journey to success.

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