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Stephan J is the founder of Monetize.info and is making a living exclusively online since 2004. He tried and managed to make good profits on everything from Forex trading, options, website flipping, adsense, affiliate websites.His passions are cycling, fitness and he is spending a small fortune on watches and fine cigars

Demand for Sharia-compliant products is creating huge opportunities for fintech companies

The Islamic finance industry reached a value of around $2 trillion in 2015, including banking assets, Islamic funds’ assets, and other Islamic financial instruments, according to the Islamic Financial Services Board. This was up a very modest 1% from 2014, but the industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 15%, …

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Why startups should outsource their software development services


The strategy and the nature of start-ups is fundamentally different from those companies that have already running business. Startups have not yet found a sustainable business model, while the operating business is already profitable. This means that the approach and the product development strategy for startups must also be different. …

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