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How to Blog about trading shares
How to Blog about trading shares

Why blog about trading shares can become popular

In the current digital age, everyone wants to know the next digital trend and be among the first few people to hop on it just as it starts. As a result, people are constantly seeking information about changes and transitions in the digital space.

The need to be among the first people who initiate a trend creates the desire to find valuable information fast. That’s why you’ll notice the surge of data on the internet on platforms such as blogs, social media channels, and specialist websites. However, the demand for high-quality information outweighs availability.

People want in-depth, personalized, and actionable information that they can execute and achieve tangible results. The current craze of making money on the internet creates an information gap you can fill.

The easiest way to fill that gap is to provide valuable information about making money on the internet on your blog and share tips from your own experience. However, for you to stand out and become famous, niche down and provide information about trading and buying shares.

What does it mean to blog about trading and buying shares?

Many people own blogs that post tutorials or entertainment content on different topics. However, most of the posts never generate enough traction. Mostly, they miss out on trending topics that their readers value and focus on the issues they find interesting. However, blogging about shares means you teach people how they can buy shares and trade them for profits. You tell your readers that sharing means owning part of a particular company.

Additionally, you tell them that becoming a shareholder earns them part of the company’s profits. Also, you explain the difference between shares and stocks to your audience.

Plus, you let them know that the prices of shares fluctuate. It would help if you also enlightened them on how share price fluctuations create an opportunity to earn an income by trading the shares.

Why blogging about trading shares can become famous?

Below are five reasons blogging about trading shares can become famous. On top of that, it will bring a lot of traffic and, ultimately, money through affiliate commissions and advertising to your blog.

1. Demand for financial education content is high.

Many people are curious to know more about money and personal finances. However, since most of them do not learn the principles of money in school, they search the internet for high-quality content. Therefore, creating engaging content that is valuable and has realistic plans and achievements excites readers.

People interested in educational content appreciate and value the source of information. As a result, they are likely to share the source with their friends and other people interested in learning.

The high demand for financial education and investment opportunities such as trading shares makes sources of such information popular fast. Rest assured that your blog about share trading will attract a large audience.

2. Need for content that clarifies information

Blogging about share trading can become popular fast because most people seek content that reaffirms what they hear from others. Most people hear information about shares from their friends and the media. The initial encounter piques their interest and makes them curious to learn more. As a result, they begin looking for valuable sources of information.

Starting a blog that centers on buying shares quickly attracts such people because the blog reaffirms what they hear. However, if what they heard is inaccurate, the blog dispels it and clarifies the confusion.

The popularity of such a blog rises from having reliable information that either confirms a person’s beliefs about shares or prevents them from making mistakes.

3. High demand for shares because of their liquidity

Most people want to invest their money in an easily liquidated asset. Unlike real estate and other investments, shares are easy to liquidate if one needs money quickly.

The liquidity of shares makes them a popular investment for many investors. As a result, the investors are keen to find information that can help them buy and sell the best shares and earn a profit.

When you blog about shares and provide insights into different stocks, investors will value your blog and make it popular by sharing it with their colleagues.

4. Passive source of income in demand

Share trading is a passive source of income for most people. As a result, shares are a desirable investment form for people seeking passive income. Such people constantly search for new information to help them make the right investment decisions.

Providing such people with helpful information about the company stocks to buy and which one to sell makes your blog valuable. As a result, it can quickly become popular among investors considering share buying as their preferred source of passive income.

5. Parting shot

The current digital age makes information easy to find. However, not all information is valuable. Most content creators fail to provide actionable information on their content platforms, including blogs. This creates a deficit of high-value data and increases the demand for it.

Since most people are interested in money-related content, you can create a blog focusing on share investments. Provide relevant and actionable content on the blog, and investors in the field will value it. As a result, your blog will quickly become popular and attract a large audience.

6. Earn more money

If you check our top of best blogging niches or the top of best niches for affiliate marketing, you will find out that the financial blogging niche is very lucrative for bloggers. That’s because there are many high-ticket affiliate programs and better advertising RPM. Also, the niche is very popular if you launch a course or want to try other blogging monetization methods, so the financial niche is a winner.

But don’t take my word for it. Check our in-depth research that covers 105 blog income reports. We analyzed 15 blogs in the personal finance niche, making $3,018,000 yearly revenue, which means $251,500/mo, monetizing 3,130,000 visitors. This makes an RPM of $80 for the finance niche.


Starting a blog about buying and trading stocks is a good way to monetize your financial knowledge. And even if you are not trading savvy, many content writers with financial knowledge will happily write for your blog. This way, you can focus on promoting and growing the blog.

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