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3 Simple Business Ideas To Help Kick Start Your Work From Home Career
3 Simple Business Ideas To Help Kick Start Your Work From Home Career

3 Simple Business Ideas To Help Kick Start Your Work From Home Career

Working from home is a big step and many of us are often forced into it due to situations beyond our control.

Now in recent years, remote working has become more and more popular across various sectors but sometimes it can be hard to figure out a job that lets you work exclusively from home.

Time likes these are where you might consider a career change and today we have 3 relatively easy options for you to choose from.

1. Blogging

If you have a flair for creative writing, then blogging might be your calling. Getting started with a blog is fairly easy and inexpensive and the best things about blogs are that they are so wide and varied in scope.

They can be wide in scope or cover a really niche area but in a very in-depth way so basically the possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging! One of the other handy things about blogging is that it allows yourself to be flexible with your timings.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2019
How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2019

Yes, the key to a great blog is in regularity but you can have these posts written and scheduled a long way back and thus work on your own timeline at a pace that you are comfortable with.

This is a major plus if you have been forced into working from home because of set work hours or unrealistic deadlines, then do consider giving blogging a chance!

2. Setting Up an Online Store

With a majority of millennials starting to prefer shopping online as opposed to doing it from a brick and mortar retail store, having an online store has suddenly turned into a very lucrative business.

Now the easiest way to get started is to first pick a field in which you are really interested in and know a lot about. Then you can start selling those items and also offering people advice through blog posts on what sort of purchases they should be making.

9 eCommerce Sellers Essentials - Your Checklist For 2019
9 eCommerce Sellers Essentials – Your Checklist For 2019

It can be anything from mountain bikes to even office supplies. Like if you want to see how to save money on stationery, you can have your audience look up a dedicated blog post by you for that and then once they have a fairly rough idea of what they’re gonna need, you might just have accrued a new customer than you can now sell your office supplies to!

3. Becoming A Stockbroker

If you are someone who has spent most of their career in banking or related financial fields, you might consider getting into the stock market as your work from home job.

Stock Market Tips That Will Maximize Return

The stock market isn’t the easiest place to make money if you have no prior experience with it, but if you are willing to put in a bit of time researching and understanding the intricacies of the economics involved with it, you stand to make a pretty large profit margin out of it!


Of course, the biggest obstacle to starting up this business as well as an online store is the fact that you are going to have to make a substantial investment in the capital before you can actually see the profit margins for yourself, so it is a pretty high risk-high reward scenario.

But then if you are someone who has already decided to shake off the yolk of your desk job and embraced the life of a work from home person, then we are sure that the prospect of risks is not in the least bit daunting to you.

Which is mainly why we think that these three online business ideas should be perfectly suited to your daring adventurous personality.

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