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What Is a Casino Loyalty Club
What Is a Casino Loyalty Club

What Is a Casino’s Loyalty Club and How Does It Work?

While it is unquestionably true that some internet casinos don’t offer loyalty clubs as promos and bonuses – most do. The situation around loyalty programs and VIP clubs is quite competitive. As a result, you can afford to be a bit picky.

What is a loyalty club, and what should it offer players at an online casino? Join us as we explain it all.

What’s the Point of a Loyalty Club?

As you play at a casino, you can expect to reap a few rewards for your troubles. Most casinos manage to do this. It is known as a loyalty bonus. There will be a loyalty club for most casinos where these bonuses are dished out.

It may go by another name, such as a loyalty program or rewards scheme. Either way, this scheme is the casino’s way of rewarding you for choosing to play at their site. The plan is that by offering you gambling rewards, you will keep betting at the site.

How Do I Earn Points?

When you play casino games, you can often earn loyalty points by betting. The number of LPs you can get may depend on what you play.

If you play blackjack, for instance, you may only be eligible for half the number of LPs as you would with a slot bet of the same value. As you earn points, you can use them to climb the tiers of a loyalty club. However, some casinos also let you convert those points into cash bonuses.

Tier-Based Rewards

Every new level you reach in tier-based loyalty schemes will make you eligible to snap up bigger and better deals. There may be cashback, deposit bonuses, free cash, free spins, and more.

Sometimes, even higher withdrawal limits may be offered to players as they work their way up the ladder. The higher you climb, the better the casino’s rewards will be.

Club Shops

On occasion, the casino won’t simply let you convert your loyalty points into bonus cash. They sometimes support an online shop where you can actively “spend” your LPs for natural goodies. These can include real-world merchandise but may also include free spins, cash bonuses,, and more. Some sites even have catalogs where you can explore goodies.

VIP Schemes

Finally, the top of a loyalty club is usually reserved for VIP bettors. These are players who wager more cash and more frequently than their counterparts. Each VIP scheme may have its entry conditions.

They may be invited only, or they could be wager-based. You may also need to maintain your status by continuing to bet. However, it is at this tier that the best goodies and red-carpet treatment can be had.

Expect huge deposit bonuses, real-world goodies such as holidays, invitations to exclusive events, and more.

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