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Client Appreciation: A Business Technique that is Mostly Forgotten
Client Appreciation: A Business Technique that is Mostly Forgotten

Client Appreciation: A Business Technique that is Mostly Forgotten

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. When working hard or going out of their way to help others, no one wants to feel that their good deeds have gone unrecognized.

Appreciation is something that everyone deserves to have. And that also happens in the business world.

In fact, appreciation is an essential marketing strategy. 

Showing appreciation for clients is important because they are the life of any business. Without your clients, especially the regulars, no business survive.

Every business person knows it, but unfortunately, because of other crucial responsibilities of maintaining operations generating sales, preparing and doing client appreciation become the last and the least technique that they are giving their attention to.

Worse, some businesses are inconsistent in making their customers feel special.

And what happens next?

Your regulars and even potential customers will feel underappreciated as well. 68 percent of customers decided to let go of their relationships with a particular business because they believed the business did not care and believe in them anymore.

Any business can make the most of its potential if there are customers who believe in them, but they should also take care of these people and maintain a good relationship with them.

How to Build Credibility With a Brand New Customer Base
How to Build Credibility With a Brand New Customer Base

Client appreciation is not just about sending business greeting cards or reaching out to them solely for your own gain. Showing how much their belief in you means should be a top priority and practiced with consistency.

1. Why Prioritize Strategies for Customer Appreciation

Every customer feels that they are an important ingredient in the success of your business, and they expect to be valued and are taken care of.

If they sense that they are appreciated and acknowledged as special people, their willingness to do business and to buy products and services is higher. Also, their loyalty towards your brand can be also assured.

Some companies are making concerted efforts to identify various ways to show gratitude to their clients and to excite potential ones. Moreover, taking actions to show client appreciation creates a proactive approach to its customers by engaging themselves and the business to these people.

If we plan for strategies to strengthen our appreciation to our clients, any of the following will happen:

  • Higher market value:  Customers that are valued are the ones who give some of the best feedback and reviews on businesses and products. Possible clients, meanwhile, will consider your brand in choosing their supplier. These opportunities can be a factor in gaining a competitive edge in the market.
  • Increased loyalty from customers: Valued customers love and support your products. They also love the relationship that you have with them and they cannot see themselves purchasing those items from somebody else. Price and other factors can never be an issue for them because nothing beats the connection they have with you.
  • Better profits: The trust that the customers have in your business always promises that you have continuous profits from them. If every client feels that they can count on you, they will always come back for more. The more customer appreciates your special treatment, the higher the sales you will have.

2. Getting Started on Strategizing Client Appreciation

The first step to effective client appreciation is to identify all of your customers by maintaining a well-organized database system that contains information about their names, contact details, and the product or service that they usually purchase or other interactions you have with them.

Aside from helping you track and monitor your transactions with customers, a centralized information database will aid you in determining how you can best serve your client base.

Here are some affordable ways that can help you succeed in planning for your customer appreciation activities:

2.1 Always have regular contact with your customers.

The so-called “after-sales,” or the transactions and connections that you have with your clients after a purchase has been made, is an important tool for showing your appreciation

If you want the assurance to your customers, remember to give them reasons to choose you. Also, this can give them an assumption that you look forward to having a long-term relationship with them.

Establishing regular contact with your customers can be done by:

  • Follow-ups via calls or through social media platforms, asking how they are doing and how they’re enjoying your product.t, You can also ask what they think should be done to improve the product.
  • If you are on business-to-business transactions, you can reach them especially if they are acknowledged about some of their successes in their company.

2.2 Build up your customers.

You are aware of how hard it is to promote a business that is why supporting your customer’s venture can be a manifestation that you are looking forward to being with them not only as a vendor-buyer, but they can also count on you even on those ventures. These actions can make them feel that they are significant to you.

These are the things that you can do:

  • Use your website to include information about your customer’s profiles that tell how they can use and benefit from the harmonious relationship that you have.
  • If you have a newsletter, you can some of the success stories and testimonies of your customers.

2.3 Give VIP treatment to your customers.

Our self-centered nature can also be a way to gain the loyalty of our customers. We all want to experience the best quality of services to any kind of amenities that we need, so do not hesitate to give it to them.

Showing we can give them the best of what they expect and to appeal to their needs and preferences can guarantee that they will be loyal for years to come.

Sending customers e-mails and greeting cards thanking them for selecting your business over others, giving them exclusive discounts, promos, and other offers.

Remember, providing the best customer service is not about what you want; it’s about what your customers want and need.

Providing extra services and perks for your regular clients give an element of personalization, which is an essential ingredient in receiving lifetime loyalty from customers.


If you make customer appreciation an important part of your business plan,  your customers will notice your hard work and come back for great experiences time and time again!

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