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OutreachBuzz - SEO Tool [25% recurring earnings]


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Hello guys,

Today I'm going to show you the affiliate marketing program of our tool, OutreachBuzz.

What is OutreachBuzz?

Outreach.Buzz‘s purpose is to help people connect with influencers and bloggers in order to publish and promote their content, increase their traffic, and reach the highest ranks in search engines.

They offer more than 3500 curated websites, crucial information about each website, project management dashboards and wishlists.

OutreachBuzz Affiliate program details

When you refer someone that purchases a subscription you will earn a  25% residual monthly income each and every month for as long as your referral keeps the subscription active! This is $9.75 for each month subscription or $97,5 for each year, continuously.

We handle all sales, downloads, and support. All you have to do is to collect payments in your PayPal account once a month!

--> Get a FREE OutreachBuzz affiliate account and Start Earning <--

Promote OutreachBuzz BlackFriday Deal

From November 26 till December 3, 2020, they offer a LIFETIME deal for OutreachBuzz Blogger Subscription. For only $99 one time the members get lifetime access to the OutreachBuzz tool. For you, as an affiliate, this is $24.75 for each sale.


OBuzz - BFCM2020 - Share.jpg





I will update this topic with further details and will answer all your questions. So if you want to start affiliate marketing and you need guidance I will be here to help you succeed.

--> Get a FREE OutreachBuzz affiliate account and Start Earning <--

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Wow sounds pretty lucrative. I recently saw something similar on the Internet, but the scheme was quite different there. It involved SproutBoxMedia guys, and they worked with clients.

Their job was to promote the customer to the top positions in the search engine. By the way, to get into the top 20 Google means a huge increase in interest in your site. Accordingly, huge sales, hence the fact that the price of such accounts outrageous, but it is fully recouped when your product at least a little popularity.

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  • Root Admin
On 2/21/2022 at 10:43 AM, aliaadil228443 said:

is it better than guest posts?

Outreachbuzz is a tool that helps you find websites where you can guest post. So it's not in competition with guest posts but instead help people that do guest posting.

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