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PST.NET - $250 CPA + RevShare


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Always looking for the highest paying CPA offers?
Or maybe you are more into generous RevShare programs? 
Now you don’t even have to choose with the best offer (CPA + RevShare) on VCC market!

We Will Pay You For Honest Thoughts!

🤑 Up to $250 CPA + RevShare for a review
🤑 Up to $50 CPA for a comment
🤑 Unlimited income from our affiliate program

How Does It Works?

🖋 Sign up to PST.NET and get your affiliate link

🖋 Write an article or make a video review (you can even make a song) about PST.NET on your website or personal blog and place your affiliate link to get up to $250 flat fee and additional revshare payouts

🖋 Write a meaningful comment on any affiliate related forum, chat or any other media platform to get up to $50 flat fee. You need to have a reputable profile to join our feedback program

💌 Send a link to your opinion to our support chat on pst.net website


1️⃣ What determines the amount of payout?
Our support team will evaluate the style and presentation of the materials, as well as audience size and profile level (i.e. senior forum members will get higher rating than junior members). Don’t worry, we have only good and kind people in our support team. Plus, you can always ask our support team to evaluate your materials before the posting

2️⃣ How will I get my payout?
Your rewards will be transferred to the USDT balance in your PST.NET account. You can always withdraw your rewards using crypto or spend it on your VCC needs. Withdrawals are processed automatically

3️⃣ What are the terms of RevShare program?
Affiliates will get 50% from referral’s first card issuance cost and 10% from all referral’s services fees

4️⃣ Can I make multiple posts?
Sure, there is only one condition for multi-posting: each material should be posted on different media platforms and fit all requirements of the affiliate program

5️⃣ Can I get a bigger payout?
We have special offers for key opinion leaders. Drop us a message if your audience size is more than 100k followers 😉

Start spreading your word to get the most profit from our affiliate program!


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12 hours ago, DailyMoneySaving said:

I want to register in this affiliate program as I may have relevant organic traffic.

DMS..if you need help with setup & everything let me know. Willing to help you

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Is this type of offer not illegal? Why will reasonable people trust online reviews after now if  every business engages in practices like this? The condition to earn these benefits is that anyone to get rewards must register for an account with PST and not that they need to do even one transaction with the PST cards. Is that how it's 'posed to be? For a little and short term gain this practice is about to destroy truth in reviews as we know it today. Poster, is this how your organization really is?

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