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How to set targeting in Taboola [Expert tips]


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Through native advertising, you can offer visitors relevant content at the right times. Doing this you will be able to make nice profits by advertising the right CPA offers.  Gone are the days of seeking users out and forcing them to witness an ad that may or may not be relevant to them.

Teasers don’t work anymore. At least, they don’t work the way they worked before. You’ll keep wasting your budget, even if you’re an experienced marketer and have already changed several networks.

Guys, the system is still working; the thing is, people just DON’T HAVE MONEY, OR THEY ARE RELUCTANT TO SPEND due to the pandemic.

People see an ad, click on the banner, follow the link… look through the website and close the tab.

What should we do then?

The answer is clear: sell stuff to those who have money.

Using Taboola is a great option, as this network helps target wealthy audiences.

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