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⚡️Eliminate competitors! Website pessimization complex services⚡️


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We offer you to eliminate your competitors by serving refusal traffic to the site, and other comprehensive services. Feeding our traffic is done through Search Engines, Social Networks and any third-party sites.

How traffic is reflected in the Meters:
- Minimum time spent 1-3 seconds
- Needed key query
- Bounce rate (80-90%)
- Click-through depth

Tariff: Minimal
Giving traffic during 30 days, the ability to do the transition from search engines, social networks, with any backlinks site. Opportunity to choose Geo for traffic
10.000 visits- 100$.

Tariff: Standard
Filing traffic during 30 days, the ability to do the transition from search engines, social networks, with any backlinks site. It is possible to choose a GEO for the traffic
30.000 visits- $200.

Tariff: Gold
Gold service includes not only serving traffic, but also placing the site in the database with the filters to increase the effect.
60.000 visits + placing in the base 250$.

Tariff: PRO
- Placing in 300-400 sites which are under different filters and viruses.
- Rejected traffic from search engines, social networks.
- New! Creating topics on various forums, where we negatively describe the activities of your competitor, showing all his skeletons and sins. Search engines react very negatively to this kind of posts - complaints, lowering the site.
At the end of the work you get a report on the work done.
100.000 visits + placement in the base + Creating Topics - $ 350.


Example: your competitor ranks 7th in google for the keyword "window repair". You want to lower his position. I send negative traffic to his site and google after a certain period of time lowers the position of his site. How much - depends on many circumstances. As a rule it is 20-40 positions down. But it could be 5 or 10.

Usually the result is seen within 1-3 weeks. If you don't see results within 5 weeks, we'll give you your money back!

We also provide a service of clicks on a competitor's ads. Do you want to destroy your competitor's budget and lower your own CPС?


Our Telegram: https://t.me/Honestrelationships

Our Skype: live:.cid.2d1481e5f71f5631

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