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Content marketing consumer loyalty
Content marketing consumer loyalty

5 Content Marketing Tips To Build Consumer Loyalty

Every writer needs a tribe, according to American author, Jeff Goins. Your tribe are those that will fight in your corner and follow you into a fire simply because they identify with you. Likewise, every brand needs its loyal consumers. Often times, creating these super fans takes more than providing them with superficial value. To create superfans, you need to help customers identify with your brand in terms of principles and lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get started on your path to creating super-fans.

1. Prioritize Evergreen Content

Prioritize evergreen content among your content endeavours. The simplest definition of evergreen content is one that does not age too quickly and retains its relevance over a long period of time.
Think of that how-to guide that was so in-depth and useful you had to bookmark it for future reference, and have continued going back to it many times over the years whenever your knowledge on the topic was getting rusty.

It’s not hard to see why evergreen content is perhaps the best form of content for gathering a loyal following: they retain their value over long periods of time and showcase your authority on a subject.
Evergreen content often takes the form of “ultimate guides” and “How-to Posts” as you can see in this content from meetfabric.com, but these are by no means the only forms they can take.

What is more important to take note of are the various qualities that make come together to make epic evergreen content:
• Quality:It’s got to be useful and worth the read.
• Consider SEO: Evergreen content can be great for organising a website and internal linking. Keep an eye on keywords and other SEO factors.
• Relevant to Your Audience: Remember you want to a create a resource that your audience will fall head over heels in love with. So take into account their pain points and preferences when building your content.
• Non-Aging: Most importantly, you want your content to be the type that stays relevant for at least a year before any changes are needed.

2. Keep Your Audience at the Center of Your Content

Who is your target reader? Who are you writing content for? What are their biggest headaches? What are their loftiest goals? What stories can you share that will smoothen their pain or any lingering frustration?

Keeping your target audience at the center of the content creation process in this way can result in major loyalty points as authentic connections are forged between you and the people you are interested in.

You want to think of audiences rather than customers, and keep your content pieces sufficiently targeted towards answering to the needs of your audience that they eventually convert to paying customers.

Do not bother about targeted audiences being smaller; according to leading digital marketer, Neil Patel, it is better to have a targeted, smaller audience, than a large one that does not convert.

A key to creating content that resonates with your reader lies with creating a style guide. This goes beyond ensuring proper grammar, and includes creating valuable content and ensuring your voice remains consistent across your website, so that it sounds familiar to the people for whom you are creating content.

3. Aim for Quality and Try to Be Original

Make no mistake, there is a lot of content out there, many of whom are producing content in your chosen field. Producing quality content is the only sure fire way to get noticed, not only by the audience you love, but by search engines as well.

You want to build a brand that is known for intelligent, authoritative, useful content that is always worth consuming. Anything less, and you can kiss your audience goodbye–there is just too much fluff on the internet today for people to bother about hanging around.

You also want to be original. Rather than regurgitating whatever press release or whitepaper is available to you, use your own voice, and form your own opinions, so that people know where you stand and those that align with your brand goals can gather around you.

In keeping with this tip, you want to steer clear of relying too much on news. It’s a strategy that produces unoriginal content whose relevance is short-lived and fleeting–a far cry from the evergreen content you require to gather a following.

4. Create Readable Content

It is difficult to read online, and studies show readers are becoming more adept at filtering out content than ever before. After reading your headline, most of your readers will bounce onto another website if they realise your content is not formatted in a way that is easy to consume.

If your content features large chunks of text, zero images, and other signs of little thought towards proper formatting, then you may be losing more readers than you realise (Even search engines frown on this sort of content).

Here are a few formatting tips you can implement to make your readers smile:
• Break up your text into short readable paragraphs made up of 2-3 sentences.
• Make use of headings and subheadings to allow for easy skimming of your work.
• Create reading pauses using relevant photos so that your readers get a break every now and then when reading your content.
• Highlight key statistics and points and make use of charts and images to illustrate and drive home your point.

5. Repurpose Your Content

Not all your readers will be thrilled about reading text. Some people prefer audio, others prefer video, while some others prefer pictures. You can solve this conundrum by changing some of your most popular posts into different formats.

A blog post could be transformed into an infographic for example, or a webinar transcribed into a blog post, and so on. There are many benefits to be gained from repurposing your content, one of which is increased reach and greater loyalty from your grateful readers.

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