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The creative field of photography !

Photography is a creative form of art and to make a career in it one should have great aesthetic sense and technical proficiency. Photography plays a very significant role in media like electronic and print and needs more than just training. It also requires good amount of innate talent.

Photography, a growing career field

A career in photography is a pretty exciting venture especially because you can spot some really well paid jobs in this field.  Like most other career options, it is going through a massive change.

Digital photography has not just transformed the way pictures are taken but has also brought about a huge change in the way they are stored and actually produced. But to make a career as a photographer one needs to do a little more than pick up a camera and shoot.

It is highly recommended that you do photo journalism or get a professional degree in photography. It not only gives you a well-rounded training but also introduces you to the different facets of the industry that you might not be otherwise exposed to.

The exciting thing about photography as a career is that the field continues to develop, even in almost any economy. There are many job opportunities with newer publications and of course, with the internet and technology getting better each day, more photographers are required to fill those empty pages.

Career Prospects

Photography as a career is great to pursue and can give you both monetary and creative satisfaction. It has gained immense popularity amongst the younger generation who prefer following careers which are different from the league.

One can kick start their career as a photographer by becoming an assistant to any senior photographer for learning the techniques. There are a number of professional institutions as well where one can lean the nuances of photography.

Photography as a field is extremely diversified and one can become a photographer in industries like fashion, advertising, journalism, or wildlife photography.

A career in Photography combines both creative and technical expertise, and like most other art forms, requires practice and persistence. Photographers produce images that tell a story, an event or paint a picture. With the swift growth of communication networks, boom in the advertising and fashion industry, digital photography has become the contemporary form of this art. Photography offers job opportunities in diverse fields.

Some of the career options are:

  • Wildlife Photography – The job is thrilling where photographers capture wildlife in their natural form.
  • Fashion Photography – It’s a glamorous and exciting work profile where photographers work with fashion houses, designers and models.
  • Press Photography – Photographers work for newspapers and reporters and capture events and people in news.

Besides these renowned fields, there are others avenues as well where people can follow photography as a career. They are forensic Photography where photographers work for police and detective agencies to take pictures related with crime scenes. Efforts are made to cover all possible angles of crime through photography. Then there is industrial photography where pictures of factories and workers are taken by photographers for publications and advertisements.

Career in Fashion Photography

The kind of photography which deals entirely with fashion and related events can be labelled as fashion photography. Over the time, it has carved a niche in the fashion industry but has started emerging as a promising career preference only recently.

Fashion photography mainly endorses or encourages trendy clothes or accessories in the society. Renowned fashion houses and designers often require imaginative fashion photographers to enhance the effect of their artistic works. These photographers click pictures of designer accessories in the showrooms and studios during fashion shows as well.

Course details

You don’t need to be a graduate to become a good fashion photographer.Creativity, sensitivity and the knack to work in challenging situations help individuals become competent photographers. The required skills can be learnt through apprenticeships.

To acquire the understanding of technicalities and other important fundamental aspects of photography and fashion, one can do a degree, diploma or certificate level course from any reputed fashion institute in India. Students who have a strong graphic sense, an eye for detail and who have done their 10+2 can pursue these courses.

Photography colleges in India aim to develop skills required for becoming excellent photographers without compromising with the beauty of this art. Photography requires spontaneity and an eye for detail combined with imagination – things which these photography colleges nurture and develop in people driven by it.

Colleges Offering Courses in Fashion Photography

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is one such college which provides specialized courses in photography. This institution is extremely practical oriented and boasts of the best faculty in the country. There aren’t any rigid admission conditions, but one has to clear an entrance test and remain interested and focused on the course to be a part of this esteemed institute.

Personal Qualifications and Remuneration

Besides degrees and certifications, photographers should have good eyesight, creative ability and good hand-eye synchronization.

They should be also be accurate, patient and detail-oriented and should be able to work in perfect harmony with others as they regularly have to deal with graphic designers, clients and publishing and advertising experts.

Photographers should also have good knowledge of computers, software programs and applications to help them take and edit images and market them to the clients.

Though it’s uncommon to become a fashion photographer directly and enter the fashion worldOnce well-known and prominent, there is no looking back for these professionals. Besides high remuneration, this exceptionally glamorous and dazzling profession provides excellent incentives and of perks as well.

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