Linode.com – $10 Promotional Code

Linode.com – $10 Promotional Code

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Linode was founded in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since. They are a private company, with an annual turnover of more than 100 million US dollars. That alone makes it pretty clear that Linode is here to stay.

Like many of its competitors like DigitalOcean or Vultr, Linode only offers unmanaged servers, so if you’re not familiar with server maintenance yourself, it might be better to look at companies that offer managed services.

Linode Features

  • 40Gbit Network: 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • SSD Storage: Industry-leading native SSD for optimal performance.
  • Intel E5 Processors: The fastest processors in the cloud market.
  • Simple and Easy Control Panel
  • Create and control with Linode API with Laravel Forge, ServerPilot or SpinupWP
  • Or manage from the command line for free
  • Simply click and deploy custom stacks
  • 9 Datacenters, 3 Regions

With a $10 promotional credit, you can get 2 months free of a nono-node (1GB of RAM memory, 25GB SSD space, 1vCPU) that costs $5 monthly or one month of a small node with 2GB RAM, 50 GB SSD space and 1 vCPU.

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