Digital Marketing Trends You Simply Can't Ignore in 2019

8 Digital Marketing Trends You Simply Can’t Ignore in 2019

Digital marketing trends evolve faster than the time it takes to refresh your web browser. Currently, several trends are quite popular and are expected to dominate the market throughout 2019.

If you want to stay ahead of your game, you will need to take these digital marketing trends seriously and effectively implement them. However, if you do not know what they are in the first place then it is time you educate yourself about them.

We also wrote an article in early 2018 about what where the digital marketing trends of the previous year. Have you checked it and most important, have you followed the advice? Most of them are now mainstream:

Keep Your Eye On 2018 Top Digital Marketing TrendsPin
Keep Your Eye On 2018 Top Digital Marketing Trends

Even if you manage to create a high converting E-commerce website, you will need to focus on many other elements to drive in that traffic and see tangible results.

This is what digital marketing is all about. To aid you in your cause, here are some of the digital marketing trends which you should instill in your marketing mix to enhance your digital footprint.

#1 – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can analyze and evaluate consumer behavior including their search pattern, unlike anything seen before.

Additionally, artificial intelligence provides the unique ability to use data from an array of different sources. This provides businesses with immaculate insight into their customer profile and how to effectively target them.

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without humans, according to Gartner. It may seem frightening, but there is no escaping the reality that many departments of commercial entities will end up being atomized.

How AI Can Help Your Business GrowPin
How AI Can Help Your Business Grow

Instead of fearing this change, you should welcome this it with open arms, remember at the end of the day, a human touch will always be required no matter how advanced Artificial Intelligence might get.

By automating different components of your business, you can also effectively deploy your resources accordingly. The faster businesses are able to adapt to this trend; the greater advantage they will have over their reluctant competitors.

Businesses are already using AI to automate ad buying for programmatic advertising, which specifically targets their key audiences. To put things into perspective, eMarketer estimates that 84% of ads will originate from AI by 2019.

#2 – Chatbots

Chatbots serve as a great asset under AI-based digital marketing, using messaging formats to communicate with site visitors or customers in real time.

Instead of having to wait for a human user get back about a problem, site visitors and customers can receive instant gratification, which will make a world of a difference in 2019.

Chatbots are expected to save businesses an astounding $20+ billion per year by 2020. The figure further exonerates the fact that chatbots will play a huge role in 2019 and every business should take advantage of their endless benefits.

#3 – Mobile Optimization

The trend may seem familiar as many businesses have taken advantage of the fact that humans are buried deep in their mobile devices in their daily lives. To make the most of this, a mobile strategy based on user engagement will need to be adopted i.e. email, text messages and social media.

This needs to be implemented for current and prospective customers alike, thus ensuring your digital marketing strategy does not lag behind.

How to Customize Your WordPress Website [Guide]Pin
How to Customize Your WordPress Website [Guide]
You should also make sure that your website is optimized for mobile users as a substantial portion of your viewers will visit your platform through their cell phones.

If your website is not optimized for mobile users, they will immediately choose an alternative site. This will have an adverse effect on many different aspects of your business.

#4 – Unique and Personalized Content

Effectively engaging with customers has become a prerequisite in this digital era, there is something about personalized and unique content that really takes the cake. Going beyond the generic ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ will do wonders for you in the long run.

This can be better understood by Coca Cola’s success with its ‘Share-a-Coke campaign,’ which targeted millennials by placing first names that were not not always popular on soda bottles.

The campaign was such a success that it resulted in a 2% increase in sales for Coca Cola after a decade-long decline. This personalized approach helped them tap into a whole new market as people would buy a bottle simply because it might have their name on it or to share it with someone else!

#5 – More Video Content

Forbes estimates that video content will claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019. This is further cemented by the fact that YouTube’s mobile video consumption rates increase a staggering 100% every year! If this is not enough, by adding video content in emails, it can result in click-through rates boosting by 300%.

Video Content Ideas that Work for Small BusinessesPin
Video Content Ideas that Work for Small Businesses

Customers generally agree that product videos help them make informed decisions. Facebook Live videos too are aiding in digital marketing campaigns, it is safe to say when it comes to digital marketing, the video is king and from the looks of things, it might stay this way.

#6 – Voice Search and Control

Instead of planning and optimizing keywords according to what someone types into their device, you also need to consider how they would ask questions in their voice on their smartphones or devices like Amazon Echo?

Expect big changes to search, with voice search requiring your immediate attention to stay relevant. Some parts of your content will need to answer simple questions for them to pop up on searches in the future.

Basically, marketers will need to think about what people say and how they say it, rather than what they are most likely to type on their keyboards.

At the same time, mobile-optimized and web-responsive websites remain critical, as most voice-activated searches are carried out on mobile devices. Google tends to give mobile-optimized sites priority for search results.

Seeing how people are investing heavily in voice-controlled devices, there will continue to be an increase in the trend.

#7 – Brand Storytelling

Not all marketers have mastered the art of storytelling. Many assume it is a means by which they can talk about themselves or to get people to talk about them. However, there is a lot more to storytelling that meets the eye.

Brand storytelling is more about who you are and why you are doing what you do. It is more about the experiences you create and how you engage with each of your customers rather than resorting to bragging about yourself.

You need to ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the story behind your brand?
  • What is the reason for your success?
  • What difficulties did you face to get where you are today?
  • How did your challenges create amazing experiences for your clients?

It takes a lot of hard work and patience to ensure someone remembers you and your brand. You will need to go above and beyond the call of duty to create experiences of value, the kind that changes businesses and people you reach; for the better of course.

#8 – Good Content will Always Matter

Content marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing. The quality of your content will always matter especially if you want to rank high on search engine platforms. With a greater and more sophisticated understanding of your target audience, you can target the market more effectively.

How to create great curated contentPin
How to create great curated content

Even though general audience content will continue to be important, specialized content for specific experts and industries will garner impressive results.

This, combined with better techniques such as link building strategies you can start measuring content effectiveness, ensures content marketing moves forward and remains relevant.


If you are having a hard time keeping up with digital marketing trends, you are not to blame.

However, you will need to adapt if you want your business to succeed, which should also explain why companies are turning to professional digital marketing companies. There is absolutely no harm in doing so. The more help the better.

No matter what you plan on integrating into your digital marketing plan for 2019, just make sure you understand each and every aspect.

Google can do wonders for you so make the best of the tools you have available rather than going in blind. As long as everything is aligned, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals!

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