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Duxa Capital Review

Duxa Capital Review

Today’s market is simply swarming with brokers. With trading becoming a popular profession, it seems that new online brokers are regularly popping up.

But, you should remember that this in no way indicates that they are actually capable of doing so. Yes, there are some brokers out there that excel at what they do, but if you have done any research, then you have probably come across the scams as well.

The key is to know that you don’t have to find the most expensive broker in the market to be sure of its legitimacy. Your focus should be on finding a versatile online broker that can work with you in the long run.

You don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to switch brokers every couple of months. Not only is it time-consuming, it can also be costly in terms of missed opportunities.

If you find the right broker the first time, you will save yourself a lot of stress. Duxa Capital is one such option that you should explore.

This broker was established nine years ago and is still in existence, which means it has to be doing something right to last for this long.

Find out more about Duxa Capital below:

Introduction of the Company

The first thing that you need to know about Duxa Capital is that like many other brokers in the market, this one also supports CFD trading.

This is referred to as Contract for Difference trading, which means that traders don’t trade the asset directly and only trade a contract for it. This is considered a reliable form of trading because it has a high-profit potential but can keep the risks as low as possible.

How can you partake in CFD trading?

Duxa Capital provides you with the trading platform that you need for doing so and you can execute your trades in a hassle-free way.

As a matter of fact, the broker has developed a trading platform that also boasts a variety of trading tools, which can be quite helpful for traders when they have to make important decisions.

With these tools, it is possible even for newbies to minimize their losses and maximize their profits. A powerful set of tools has been integrated by Duxa Capital in their trading platform that can provide any trader, no matter what their skillset, a unique and smooth trading experience.

Trading Conditions

It is never wise for any trader to choose a broker without knowing what trading conditions would be available to them. If you sign up and even deposit your funds without doing so and the broker turns out to be a scam, you could lose your valuable money.

Thus, it is best to check out the conditions beforehand, but what do you need to know?

The first thing you need to look at are the assets that the broker is offering to you for trading because you have to ensure that they can help you in diversification and within your risk tolerance. Checking the asset index is recommended because there are some brokers that only specialize in a particular asset.

For instance, you will find brokers that just focus on forex trading or those that just offer cryptocurrency. This might be acceptable in the beginning, but can be a problem later on when you want to expand your portfolio and trade more assets. This is one area where Duxa Capital can be helpful because they have a multitude of assets to offer.

Since they specialize in CFD trading, you can invest in more than 200 instruments that are spread across different markets. Some of the categories that you will come across include the forex market, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency.

Every single category comprises of various choices, which means you will have no shortage of options. The addition of cryptocurrency has increased the appeal of Duxa Capital because it is one of the hottest trading instrument and holds a high profit potential.

Now that you are aware of the assets, you also need to consider the spreads and leverage that are available with a broker. If you read any Duxa Capital review from the web you will see that all of the reviews praise Duxa Capital because it has made very high leverage available, which is available for experienced and new traders alike. However, this doesn’t mean that the broker wants to put its clients at risk.

Therefore, the level of leverage available to traders can vary. These changing levels of leverages can be seen in the numerous account types that a broker offers and can also depend on the asset you are trading. The leverage for volatile assets is a lot less because they are already quite risky.

Next, you move onto the spreads or commission, which are used by brokers for making money. Duxa Capital offers you great spreads and they are actually some of the best in the entire industry. They do not charge any commission, which is undoubtedly a benefit.

Trading Platform and Its Basics

As mentioned above, you use a trading platform for executing your trades with a broker. What exactly is a trading platform? This is a software that provides traders with the features and services that are required for conducting the trades in various financial markets.

The intuitiveness and interface of the platform can have a significant impact on the kind of experience you get. It is also vital to understand that you don’t just use the platform for making transactions; it also has various trading tools that are needed for making sound decisions, such as graphs, charts, economic calendar, daily market summary, different types of calculators and others.

Duxa Capital has provided their traders with their own unique and proprietary trading platform. Some traders might be a bit apprehensive because they may want to use the MT4, but once you use the platform, you will realize that it is a perfect fit.


Not only does it work seamlessly, but it has also been integrated with some of the most cutting edge and innovative tools that can be immensely useful. The best thing about the broker’s trading platform is that it is available in different forms. You can opt for a web-based option, which doesn’t require any form of downloading.

This is convenient because it means you don’t have to be tied down to just one device when you wish to trade. It works via the browser and only requires an internet connection.

In addition, Duxa Capital has also added a mobile option because it is aware of the widespread use of smartphones and how people love doing things on the go. Hence, you can also choose the mobile trading platform that’s equally capable and performance-optimized and has been designed for your convenience.

Signing Up with the Company

When you are signing up with any recommended online broker, you will typically be required to provide some personal information in order to open an account. Some financial information will also have to be shared because you will need to deposit funds.

But, before doing so, you first have to choose from the different account types that are offered to you by a broker. This is a norm so Duxa Capital has also given you options to choose from. As it wishes to cater to a broad audience, the broker has a greater variety than many other brokers out there.

The basic options are designed for those who are new to the market and don’t have any experience to be able to use some advanced features the broker is offering.

The advanced account options, on the other hand, are introduced for traders who have had a few years of experience and know what they are doing. This means they can fully utilize the services that Duxa Capital has to offer. Some features are common in all accounts, but some are specific to expert traders because only they can tap into their potential.

The account options start at Silver, move onto Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The silver is the most basic while the Diamond is for VIP traders. The bonuses for every single account are different, but features like customer support, access to education and training center and recommendations are common amongst all accounts. Likewise, the spreads and leverages are offered for every account, but they can and do vary because not all traders can handle the same.

Transparency and Security

In today’s online environment, there are many security risks because cyberattacks have become quite common. Similarly, some brokerages have turned out to be pure scams that made away with their clients’ money, which has added another layer of worry.

Due to these concerns, many traders now weigh the security features implemented by brokers before they consider signing up with them. It is not just the features, but traders also prefer it if the broker is upfront about their policies and don’t try to be vague about what they have done to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

Duxa Capital has been around for almost a decade, which means the broker is familiar well-versed with the risks and has taken appropriate measures to mitigate them.

You can trade with peace of mind when you sign up with this broker because it is a fully licensed and regulated organization, which means it is authorized and monitored by a third party and is subject to rules and regulations.

Furthermore, the broker is also compliant with several policies that provide transparency. The first is the KYC (Know your Customer) policy, which requires people to provide proof of their identity and address, thereby preventing identity theft and ensuring only legitimate people sign up with the broker.

The second is the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy, which prevents people from using the platform for any illegal purposes like laundering their money. It also requires traders to disclose their source of income in order to ensure they are not stealing from anyone.

Sharing such information might seem risky to some people, but Duxa Capital has opted to use top-level encryption, which ensures that all data is kept safe and protected from outsiders and only authorized individuals can access it.

Training and Education Materials on the Website

What you know about the trading market can have a big impact on your success. Those who don’t have any knowledge may make a little bit of profit initially, but it can turn into massive losses really fast because their luck may run out.

Proper training and education distinguish successful traders from unsuccessful ones. The problem is that you cannot find accurate and reliable information about trading unless you know the sources.

Therefore, Duxa Capital has developed a full trading education center for their clients where they can find everything they need to improve and enhance their knowledge.

The educational material can be found in several formats, such as e-books, video tutorials and even professional webinars. One of the impressive features of this education center is that not only helps beginners in learning the ins and outs of trading, but also assists experienced traders in improving their strategies and eliminating any blunders they may be making.

Customer Support That Cares

One crucial feature that cannot be neglected when you are judging a broker is the customer support they have to offer. When you need help, you want to get it right away, without waiting because it could make a big difference in the outcome of a trade.

Knowing so, Duxa Capital has accommodated its clients and offered multiple channels that can be used for reaching out to them. There is email, a phone number and also an online contact form that can be used. For convenience, the broker has also incorporated a live chat option.


Choosing a broker means that you are looking for a comprehensive solution and not just focusing on one aspect. Duxa Capital can satisfy you on multiple fronts and make trading a lot more fun and convenient in the long run.

Their banking channels are also reliable and their clear cut terms and conditions and policies tell you exactly what to expect when you decide to partner with them.

You can trade any asset that you want and get the best rates with Duxa Capital and do so from a wonderful and innovative platform.

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