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Entrepreneurship Throughout 2017

Entrepreneurship Throughout 2017

The entrepreneurial spirit of the USA hasn’t died, and according to statistics gathered by Babson College, in 2015 alone the US hosted 27 million entrepreneurs, the peak of a year-on-year rise before a period of stability.

A big factor in the modern business landscape are startups, who are often seeking ad-hoc money without the rigors of bank loan applications and so on. How are they securing funding? Who is providing it? And could you get involved?

The Funding Sources

Typically, business would be done by banks and institutional lenders/funds looking for new schemes that would be beneficial for them to invest in. With the advent of modern communication technology, and, crucially, the internet, the door has been opened to anyone who has the funds to connect with any idea they like.

The availability of high-quality financial advice has also helped to foster understanding between investors and entrepreneurs with differing levels of expertise. Global Resources Reviews believe a popular mantra that returns on investment is king, and many businesses build around this key theme.

Who’s Benefiting?

Plenty of people. Investors, business owners, the American workforce and the nation as a whole.

The market has clearly seen the opportunity for easily accessible and flexible funding for entrepreneurs as there are now 65m small businesses in America, generating 65% of the national workforce, with 52% being set up at home, showing that those with the entrepreneurial spirit don’t necessarily need premises to build their business and make a profit.

For the investors, there is clear optimism in the market, with research showing small business optimism rocketing upwards. This means the markets have a lot of faith in the performance of businesses, and investors are cashing in.

Could You Take Part?

Thanks to peer-to-peer lending, there has never been an easier time for investors to part with their cash if you are seeking to take a stake in a new startup.

Similarly, if you’re the business owner looking to make their mark, the litany of options for getting funding are ever increasing, with professional crowdfunding now a legitimate source of investment money aside from the established methods.

Entrepreneurs are alive and kicking in the USA and the statistics show that investors are increasingly willing to hand over their money to the new, innovative people in charge of the startups and businesses in the country.

Financing is no longer a mysterious process, is accessible to all, and that could mean you, too.

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