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Fine Art Storage -Tips on how to care for your art
Fine Art Storage -Tips on how to care for your art

Fine Art Storage: Tips on how to care for your art

Having a piece of art that you treasure requires that you learn how to take care of it so that it lasts longer. This is especially important when you spent a fortune on your piece of art, be it a wall painting, ceramics, or works on paper. You need to know how best to hang, frame and store your art.

Without the know-how on art care, you run the risk of damaging your prized and treasured art.

Being that most people prefer art paintings, we are going to focus on care tips for art paintings. Thus, if you have a painting you love and would want to have for years to come, read on to find out how best to care for it.


Besides speaking volumes about the value of your painting, framing is one of the best ways to preserve your art. The most important thing is to choose the right frame for your painting.

There are numerous types of frames ranging from archival framing to Plexiglass framing. Archival framing is best for preserving your artwork as it places the painting between protective layers.

On the other hand, if you want to frame your painting using glass, keep in mind that even though glass is easier to clean than Plexiglass, it is way more fragile than Plexiglass. For pieces of art that are highly valuable, Plexiglass framing is better.

The environment

It is crucial that you keep your pieces of art away from extreme temperature and heat. Exposure to high temperatures may cause the canvas to become an overly taut crack, go slack or the paint may crack and curl.

The perfect humidity for your artwork ranges between 40- 50% and the temperature should be between twenty-one and twenty-four degrees Celcius. Keep in mind that rapid changes in humidity or temperature pose a great danger to your painting whether you are hanging or storing your artwork.

You can easily achieve these measurements by using a humidifier but if this proves hectic to you, simply get the services of Fine Art Storage. This rule especially applies to modern art.

However, for antique art, climate control is not that necessary as these pieces of art have survived centuries in homes that were not climate controlled. Never hang your piece of art near or above a fireplace. To prevent fading, keep your painting away from direct sunlight.


In case you have paintings that you are not planning to hang anytime soon, you need to store them correctly. You need to ensure that the place where you are storing them is in the proper conditions.

The above climate conditions for hanging environment apply to the storage area too. Follow the following guidelines for proper storage.

  • Raise the painting of the floor to prevent water damage
  • Stack them on interior walls rather than exterior walls
  • Inset ply drivers between the paintings to prevent pressure

In case you encounter any difficulty in storage, Fine Art Storage will be of great help to you.


For long-term storage, make sure that you dust your paintings and change the protective covers regularly.

Also, make sure you get professional assistance when moving your art to ensure their safety.

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