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Five Internet Marketing Trends Set To Dominate 2017

It’s that time of year again, when we analyze where the previous year went. Also we look toward 2017 and try and figure out where our strategies should be heading. We do this by relying on past successful strategies, of course, and realize that some predictions can be made with a comfortable margin of safety.

In 2016, we witnessed many amazing developments in marketing. While the rise of mobile-oriented strategies can’t surprise anyone involved in internet marketing and the business side of online advertising, the success of some strategies still seem astonishing.

The integration of Snapchat in your marketing campaign just became all but mandatory. You don’t have to think too much about how you can milk Snap’s endless marketing opportunities. But Snapchat is the tip of the iceberg.

2017 Internet Marketing Trends

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect for 2017, and how you can prepare for that.

According to a survey created by SmartInsights with 2500 participants (digital marketers around the world) these are the top rated digital marketing techniques that users should focus in 2017:

2017 internet marketing trends

1. Content Marketing and Business Storytelling

You’d be forgiven for thinking this marketing strategy is basically a glorified About Us page. But in 2016, psychology stepped in, and changed the way we communicate with our users and prospects.

The idea behind business storytelling is for brands to stop trying to sell anything. Rather you should humanize your voice, image and personality to attract customers.

Business storytelling is the new buzzword everyone is using, but it can all be condensed in this one universal truth: everyone is bone weary of advertising schemes and never-ending digital noise.

Business storytelling simply makes sense in the digital world, and it’s easier to genuinely engage with a company or brand people favor.

2. Big Data

Big data has been around for a few years now, but getting the most out of all this data is still a challenge to many. Market research firm Ovum estimates the big data market will increase from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.4 billion by 2020.

big data internet marketing trend

It is said that Big Data have played a large part in the outcome of the US election. Cambridge Analytica harnessed big data for a variety of uses. Their analysis helped the Trump team know where to focus fundraising efforts, target ‘persuadables’, and increase spend. Check this link for a video explaining how big data was used.

The data was even used to deliver 4,000 individual digital ads. This messaging was continually tested and refined using polling and the firm’s data.

3. Marketing automation

Email is far from dead, and may be more important than ever for our content marketing delivery. Most enterprises (99% of them) send spam disguised as content every day to key stakeholders.

And then, as many B2B enterprises have done, they move from just email into marketing automation. Marketers use about 10% of the functionality behind marketing automation (10% is on the high side).

Simply put, most of us are using marketing automation the wrong way. But this will change soon, when more and more marketers will see (read measure) the benefits of marketing automation.

4. Mobile Marketing and App Explosion

While mobile is all the rage right now, and have securely dethroned desktop navigation, we need to look past the obvious if we want to stay ahead. If we learn anything from Google, it’s that we should be smart enough to focus on mobile for 2017. Huge piles of money is set to come from the digital environment, but it’s certainly not the only area we should focus on.

A dedicated application offers all the features of mobile-optimized website, but in a more intuitive, convenient, and accessible way.

Take note of apps, from in-app messaging, to ads, notifications and things not even invented yet. These are set to dominate mobile traffic just as mobile dominates desktop traffic. These aren’t app games we’re talking about, but creatively tailored apps dedicated to completing and complementing a brand’s website.

These are only a few of the major internet marketing trends set to dominate in 2017. Look forward to a year of innovation and domination, and be sure that you hitch your wagon onto the right trends that will guarantee the best pay off.

5. Video Set To Dominate The Online World

Granted, everyone says this at the start of every New Year, but this year video marketing is set to really explode. Video already exploded in 2016, coming out with a bang that was big, flashy, loud, funny and original, in the form of snaps and other forms of video.

By this time in 2017, video will settle down into a dominant source of online marketing information and enjoy a productive lifespan at the top of the marketing chain for at least 3-5 years.

I project these 2017 internet marketing trends  on the current information I have, including last year’s trends, the introduction of new technologies, and inside information from digital marketers around the world. Instead of diving headlong into them, research them carefully, and either strategize how to include them in your marketing campaigns

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