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Take the Stress Out with a Fully Furnished Serviced Office

As soon I’m going to open another office of my digital marketing agency did some research on office relocation which I think you should find useful.

If you’re currently planning an office relocation, you could be for forgiven for feeling a little intimidated.  Even if you’re only moving a short distance away, there’s a lot to prepare.

In central Hong Kong, moving can be tough for a number of reasons. For instance, the traffic is a common frustration, so physically moving furniture and other items can take a long time.

Also, there’s heating, lighting, and cleaning services to set up before you leave. If you’re moving into a bare bones space, you might have to think about getting decorators in first.

At a minimum, you’ve got to establish a workable internet connection. These things take time, even in a city which moves as fast as Hong Kong.

Fortunately, there is a clever solution. You could move your team into a beautifully decorated, fully equipped serviced office.

Keep reading to learn more.

No More Manual Labour

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving across town or across the road; nobody wants to be lugging heavy desks, sofas, and other furniture around. The good news is that Servcorp provide fully furnished serviced offices in premium Hong Kong locations.

Unless you prefer otherwise, these suites are kitted out with tables, chairs, A/C units, whiteboards, telephones, and anything else you might need.

All you need to bring is your team and their computing equipment. If you need extra furniture, it’s just a matter of requesting it.

Instant, Immediate Utilities

Having ready-made furniture and décor is a big perk, but the major advantage of going serviced is receiving a complete utility package. Serviced providers offer their corporate suites on the on a managed basis. This means that they’re cared for by an internal team of helpers.

For the monthly rental cost, you’ll get a cleaning crew. Your heating, lighting, air conditioning, and broadband will be set up and ready to use from the day you move in. This is a huge asset because the time spent waiting for these utilities to be activated could lead to lost profits.

Staying Connected

It’s worth diving into the perks of instant broadband a little more because the ability to communicate is a factor in whether or not your business makes money. It’s true that some customers don’t mind accommodating a relocation, but many aren’t willing to wait around.

The longer you spend offline – not answering phone calls, emails, or requests to buy – the more cash you stand to lose. In fact, even a couple of days without a dedicated internet connection could lead to a dozen people (more, even) deciding to look elsewhere.

Support for Set Up

With a serviced office, you get access to a team of qualified professionals. They include receptionists, secretaries, IT experts, and more. So, any problems or hiccups that you run into during those first few weeks can be solved really quickly.

There isn’t a lot to set up, what with the utilities being ready and waiting, but it’s still valuable to have tech teams on hand to assist with software updates and other changes. Plus, if you pick a facility with co-working areas, you can even scout the place for skilled recruits.

Why Relocating Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare Chore

Whatever your motivation for moving, it should be an opportunity to minimize waste, cut out bad habits, and start again from a strong, focused perspective. It is much easier to do this if you can approach the actual relocation with positivity.

Serviced offices help businesses of all shapes and sizes to build new homes free of stress, frustration, and delays.

What do you need to prepare?

Office relocation is certainly a tricky but important decision to increase the productivity and output. Many offices and entrepreneurs are transforming their traditional work life to a modern one to increase efficiency.

There can be many reasons to relocate your offices but relocation tasks need proper attention. Finding a right place for your business to grow where you realize its full potential is something you need to emphasize.

Determine the place where you want to relocate your office

Deciding the place where you want to relocate your office is the biggest decision. You need to make sure that you consider your objective of relocation because ultimately the location should suit your requirements.

Nowadays fully furnished offices are in trend. You can select the place and serviced offices where you need not worry about anything.

The experts will do everything from the scratch. All you need to do is enter your new office with your team and start working.

Schedule relocation

For some entrepreneurs and companies relocation is the first time endeavor hence they need to set a schedule for relocations so that they can synchronize other arrangements accordingly.

Communicate with your team members

Keep in mind that a successful relocation is all about the communication with your team. Even a well-orchestrated relocation can be stressful if you did not communicate your team about the relocation.

Therefore, communication with the employees in regard with the relocation will help to keep the employees motivated to adjust themselves to a new location. Ultimately, one of the objectives of relocation is to boost the enthusiasm and productivity of the employees.

Communicate your customers and clients

During the relocation process, you need to keep your clients informed about the new office location. Moreover, you need to inform how many days relocation work will take.

Informed customers will help you to keep your business process smooth till the office is completely relocated. To minimize the time, fully furnished serviced office is the best option for the business.

Shut down your old office and notify all stakeholders

Despite if your efforts to inform all stakeholder about your move, it is inevitable that some of the customers will not get information or forget about the relocation.

You need to notify the old office building personnel that they help the customers who visit your old office to communicate new office address.

You need to update new address in online sources too such as in your website, Google and other search engines to make easy for the people to search your business.

In this digital era, most of the people use Smartphone and computers so your incorrect address in online platforms can lead them to the old office address.

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