Growing Your E-Commerce Business using a CRM Software
Growing Your E-Commerce Business using a CRM Software

Growing Your E-Commerce Business using a CRM Software

There are dozens of ways backed by evidence that clearly shows how a CRM can boost the growth of E-commerce startup. The customer relationship management system was basically developed to assist businesses in managing their sales.

You too can expand your business by integrating a CRM system into your business.

#1. The Benefits of Using a CRM System to Grow your Business

Here are some ways in which using a CRM will benefit your E-Commerce business.

  • Helps in monitoring your business.
  • Makes it easy for you to manage your sales.
  • You can use it as a powerful tool that will suit the workflow of your company.
  • It can help you in creating a strong customer base.
  • You can also use it for marketing thru Email.
  • With CRM you can easily reach your targeted audience.
  • CRM will improve your stores UI/UX outlook.
  • Through CRM you will be able to manage big data easily.
  • CRM prevents the chances of getting spammed.
  • It enables you to segregate your customers and only send each customer their relevant promotions or deals.
  • With CRM managing transaction history becomes effortless.
  • If you use CRM then you can easily introduce a loyalty program for your customers.
  • With CRM promoting your business becomes piece of cake.

#2. CRM Techniques to Grow your Business

Some simple techniques and strategies using which you can effectively enhance your e-commerce business:

2.1 Use mobile Commerce

There are currently 57 million mobile banking users in the US alone. Mobile banking and m-commerce is the future of businesses. People prefer buying on the go.

If people want something, they simply grab their smartphones and search for the product, if they like it then they simply buy it on the spot. This is the future, now.

Besides, you don’t want to have an e-commerce website that does not run well on smartphones. You should fully optimize your website to support m-commerce and attract mobile users with its mobile-friendly interface.

2.2 Interact with your customers by using marketing automation:

The best way to increase your business is by building a healthy relationship with your customer. A satisfied customer is the one that returns to your business regularly.

Furthermore, a happy customer will also suggest your business to other potential customers. That’s free marketing. A good way is to set up a feedback post-purchase message or mail to collect information from the customer.

Also, you can use CRM to send automated messages of special and specific discounts and birthday wishes to your customers. This way you’ll be personalizing your relationship with them and in result increasing your sales too.

2.3 Use Social Media for targeting your relevant audience:

Social media marketing is the biggest medium right now to target potential customers. Social media enables businesses to target their advertisements towards customers with a specific interest.

For instance, a brand that deals in sunglasses can target audiences with interests in beaches and outdoor sports, etc.

2.4 Create User-oriented Content:

The major part of digital marketing depends upon the content that you circulate around the web. The best way to engage an audience and turn them into a customer is by passing them content that is beneficial to the user.


Ecommerce doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, so if you’re an online business owner looking to grow and adapt with the times, an eCommerce CRM platform is going to be your golden ticket to eCommerce business success.

It’s about time online business owners focus less on filling the sales pipeline and more on creating memorable and relevant customer experiences.

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