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Your Essential Guide when having a New Gas Appliance Fitted for Your Business

Your Essential Guide when having a New Gas Appliance Fitted for Your Business

When you have a business, especially when it’s a business which makes use of gas appliances, it’s essential that you know the rules associated with the use of gas appliances as well as their maintenance, repair, and so on.

As the owner of a business, you are obligated by law to follow specific rules and regulations regarding the use, repair, maintenance, and installation of gas appliances in your premises. But if you need to have a new gas appliance fitted, you should make sure that you are following the regulations right down to the last detail.

The first step, of course, is finding the right gas engineer – one who is qualified (e.g. Gas Safe Registered) to take on the work you require and who can also do a good and thorough job. Do you need to have a new gas appliance fitted?

Here’s your essential guide.

Gather quotes

Before you can begin any work on your premises, try to find a good gas engineer or firm. Get about two to three quotes. Search for local gas companies and contact them to get a quote.

To get an accurate quote, make sure to tell them the details of the work that you need to be done, including the type of materials you may need, the appliance’s model and make, and the appliance’s location in your premises.

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Ask them for references

It would be in your best interest to find out if the gas companies you have in mind can provide you with references, especially references from those within your local area. If you have the time or the information, you can even go a step further and contact these previous customers to ask them about the quality of the work carried out by the gas firm.

Confirm insurance

Once you have narrowed down your prospective gas engineers or firms, ask them if they have public liability insurance. You can also confirm with your own insurance provider as to whether or not the task undertaken by the engineer may affect your insurance coverage.

Confirm it in writing

When you have chosen a gas company to carry out the installation and fitting of the gas appliance, it’s also best to confirm everything in writing, as recommended by experts in gas work such as www.milgas.co.uk .

Don’t forget to include the most important details, such as the name, postal address, and contact information of both you and the gas company, the price you have agreed upon, the work covered by the price, the payment method, and any extra work which they may carry out.

You should also include details such as the beginning or starting day of the work, how long it will take, and if there are any penalties for delays.

Additionally, include confirmation that the gas company will inform the Local Authority Building Control if there is any work considered relevant to them and if you will receive a certificate if any is required.

Of course, you should include details of the work as well – what they need to do, what gas appliances they will fit or install, and what materials they will use. It would also be wise to include details of after-sales services like warranties on the materials, workmanship, or appliances.

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