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How Fast My Blog will Start Making Money

When you have already set-up, built, and optimized your blog content, a typical question that comes to mind is “How long should I wait before I start earning cash”?

There is no single answer to this question as your profits and the speed they are showing up depends on several factors like for example your traffic, your content, and your dedication and consistency.

When I will make money?

A typical mistake many beginner bloggers make is overestimating their earning potential and expect to earn 5-7 figure profits straight away in less than a year of online presence.

If you think blogging is another “get rich quick scheme”, you will be utterly disappointed are for the vast majority of bloggers, it takes some time and lot’s of trial and error to start earning real profits. Sure, there are people who earn whopping figures like $100.000/month but that is highly unlikely to happen without any prior effort.

blogging - get rich quick scheme

If you have optimized your blog properly and traffic is consistently growing, typically, you may start to see some revenue within 6-12 months following your blog’s launch. However, in most cases figures will be a bit disappointing first comparing to the effort you may be putting in your blog.

Many bloggers may find at first that despite their dedication and efforts, they earn peanuts in return like for example $20 the first few months after launching their blog.

This is natural and you shouldn’t take this as an indicator that you should give up or that you blog doesn’t have any potential. If you keep trying and learn through the whole experience, real profits will eventually add-up.

Think long-term

Ultimately, you’ll have to think about how much you will be making long-term, not how much money you’ll be making fast and short-term. This is the trap many bloggers fell into and gave up their blogs within the first year of their launch.

If you don’t want to end up wasting time and effort like them, you need to keep trying and keep improving all your blog’s parameters and the profits will eventually come.

If you have multiple blogs and some seem to perform well enough, profits will come up faster and will even compensate the lacks of your other under-performing blogs. The more blogs you’ll have and the more optimized they are, the quicker and more your profits will be.


Your profits will also start to show up depending on the agreements with your advertisers and affiliates. Some, for example, have a minimum payout monthly rate of $50. That means that you won’t get paid your commissions until you accumulate at least $50 in sales, which can take anywhere from a month to several months. Google and other PPC networks can send checks every once in a month, although their payout rates may vary.

How many daily visitors i need ?

Of course, your traffic determines a great deal your earnings and how fast they’ll show up. However, no one can guarantee that you will be making great amounts of money, even if your traffic numbers seem promising.

Traffic should only be considered the first step towards making real profits —the next and most important one is to make these people take further action like subscribing to your list or buying your product or affiliate product or service.

If you don’t have the dream to make 6 or 7 figures yearly from your blog and just want to earn a supplemental income that ranges from $100- $500 per month, having 300-500 visits per day with a 2+% lead or conversion rate e.g. people clicking your PPC ads or affiliate links and making a purchase, that target is achievable.

Here is an example case scenario: Let’s say that you have on average 300 unique visitors per day. Around 20% of these people become subscribers (60 people), and of these 60 people, 10 finally buy your e-book for $25. That would be $250 gross profits for that month. If you combine this with other conversion methods such as PPC or affiliate links, the profits will multiply, even if your conversion rates are 3%. Set up realistic targets like acquiring at least 200 blog views as a start per day with a 3% conversion rate. Your profits will likely show up as expected with a little effort from your part.

Possibly mistakes and ways to fix them

If in spite of your efforts, you barely make any money from your blog, take a look and examine some possible mistakes you may have committed and improve the things you can improve. Some things, of course, are beyond our control. Take this and combine it with the discouraging fact that the competition from others is pretty stiff and it’s easy to get disappointed once you find out that your efforts aren’t paying off.

Although the following factors are not necessarily applicable for every blogging case failure, these are actually the most common issues behind your blog’s slow growth and potential:

Mistake #1: You have chosen the wrong niche.

Profitable niches will start generating profits for you relatively fast. If you have chosen a niche that you are interested in but it’s not popular in the general public or at least a big portion of it, your traffic will be minimal and your profits will be low to none.

You should choose a niche that is currently or has been consistently popular and you will be on the right track. It is your call if you abandon the blog and start a fresh one in a new niche or you simply transform-it, refocusing your content and promotion effort on a new niche.

Mistake #2: The content is low-quality and offers minimal value to your readers.

If your blog posts are filled with language mistakes and have too much fluff or promotional pitch, people may come once into your blog, but won’t likely return again. If you also copy others content and sound un-original and boring, your visitors will leave your blog faster than uttering the word cu-min. If you are unsure whether you are using the right content for your blog, perform an in-blog survey asking the opinion of your visitors or hire an established expert to revise and optimize your content.

Don’t do the mistake of hiring someone for peanuts and then expect them to deliver unrealistic promises such as increasing your traffic by up to 300% in a matter of days. Don’t ever forget that in the end you will get what you are paying for.

Mistake #3: You have registered in advertising and affiliate platforms that under-deliver.

Many of these advertising and affiliate platforms may sound promising, but if you actually read their policies and make a simple calculation, you’ll find out that you’ll need a huge amount of views/traffic/clicks to start making real money.

If for example, the PPC advertiser pays only 0.01 cents per click you will only make $1, even you’ve managed to get 100 clicks. Thus, imagine the number of clicks you’ll need to make $100 per month, which is even considered a pittance for many-that is 10.000 clicks required per month which is a bit unrealistic for starters.

Mistake #4: You don’t post/update your content on a regular basis.

Some bloggers expect to generate passive income by sitting back and barely writing a post per monthly basis. Sure, posting quality content is vital but without a proper frequency, your blog will get lost in the sea of other blogs and search engines or users won’t be able to spot you easily.

Mistake #5: Your blog posts are not SEO optimized.

Even the world’s best content won’t do much if your posts are not SEO-optimized. That will only work once people actually enter your blog. If you can’t get this traffic in the first place via white-hat SEO strategies, you will get nowhere profit-wise. Make sure you use the right keywords and tags/meta-tags and search engines will find you easier.

While we have made every possible effort to make your blogging efforts successful and profitable, there is no magic formula that will guarantee 100% that you’ll make real profits from your blog fast.

If you came across such a guide or article that promises such impressive results, they are unrealistic at best or scams at worst. In any case, if you have a long-term vision and plan for your blog and stick to it, you will greatly increase the chances of making supplemental or full-time income from your blog.

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