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How much does a VPN cost
How much does a VPN cost

How much does a VPN cost?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that helps you protect your privacy by encrypting your internet traffic, making it difficult for third parties to access your data.

With global internet usage surpassing 4.95 billion users, hackers are finding new ways to extract your data. A VPN helps you hide your online identity making it difficult to track you, thus protecting your online privacy.

VPNs come in different price points; some are even free to use, so many people are confused about how much they should be spending on a VPN.

While it depends on the business and individual needs, in this article, we try to answer what features VPNs offer and how much you should pay for a VPN.

Why should you avoid using free VPNs

Several free VPNs offer the same privacy and security features without charging you a monthly fee. While the idea of a free service is tempting, free VPNs have features that defeat the purpose of using a VPN.

VPN is a service that requires companies to maintain servers which costs them real money. So free VPN companies usually collect your data and sell them to advertisers.

Free VPNs may also contain malware that can read your text messages, listen to your phone calls or spy on you through your webcam, which is a clear violation of your privacy.

Free VPNs are also typically slow and offer only a handful of servers, making them entirely redundant for long-term use. So if you are concerned about your privacy and want to ensure security, investing in a premium VPN is best instead of opting for a free one.

How much should you pay for a VPN

Before you get a VPN, consider the requirements and features you want. For example, some VPN companies charge you a lower fee but restrict the number of devices you can use simultaneously. Others may offer unlimited devices but lack essential features like unblocking geo-locked content. So it all depends on what features you want from your VPN.

But Surfshark VPN offers the best value for money option currently on the market. You get unlimited device support so that a VPN will protect all your devices, and you do not need a separate VPN on apple tv or other devices.

Surfshark also offers blazing fast speed and the option to unlock all geo-locked content, whether on Netflix or HULU. You also get a kill switch built in that will disconnect your internet connection eliminating any possibility of exposing your identity online.

Surfshark VPN charges $12.95/month but is currently on sale at a steep 81% flat discount, costing you just $2.49/month if you buy their 24-month package. This is the lowest price for any premium VPN service, so grab it while it lasts.

Final verdict

VPNs typically charge you around $12 to $15 a month; however, you may save money by signing a long-term contract (Surfshark currently offers an 81% discount if you sign up for a 24-monthly contract).

However, you should avoid using a free VPN as they are susceptible to data breaches and are known to contain harmful malware. Paid VPNs typically provide more security and crucial features such as high speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and geo unlocking capabilities.

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