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How Page Authority Can Improve Your Website Performance

How Page Authority Can Improve Your Website Performance

If you are good at online marketing, you must already be familiar with the term Page Authority (PA).

It’s a term or a score that is used to predict how well a particular web page will rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

PA relies on the same data as “Domain Authority” (DA); however, PA predicts rankings based on the page level, not on the domain level.

Many online marketers and business owners are dependent on PA scores to compare one particular page with the other.

They can do so on their own site as well as on other sites too. Knowing the PA score, enables businesses to figure out their competitors as well as improve their SEO.

I, personally, check Page Authority to ascertain which site I should work with.

Remember that PA is dependent on link metrics; therefore, any attempt to increase your score will require you to work on both your external and internal link profile.

You cannot directly influence your Page Authority score, but there are several steps you can take to significantly increase the likeness of increasing your PA as well as rankings.

In this blog post I have outlined the most important steps that you can take to boost your PA score.

Let’s get started.

Building Links To Pages You Are Optimising

Usually, link building happens at the page-level, therefore, you should focus your efforts there. Since Page Authority evaluates the ability of a particular page to rank, building links directly to the page you are optimising, is vital.

A huge part of this process will involve creating content that organically attracts links. A good way to do so is to write informative, well-researched, in-depth content, that will act as a resource for your readers, bloggers, and even the journalists.

Figures show that videos, info graphics and posts, which tend to solve a problem generate most traffic. So, whenever and wherever possible, provide your audience options to continue their study of a subject that you cover the best.

In order to gain the maximum number of links (including social media shares), you should focus on creating authoritative content over latest topics, or well researched content backed with evidences.

Spreading Juice From High PA Pages To Those With Less PA

An imperative part of boosting PA, is managing link equity across your site. You will organically have some pages that have a higher PA (for example, your home page), and other pages that have a lower PA.  Luckily, through planned internal linking, you can equally distribute this authority throughout all pages of your website.

If there is a particular page that you wish to optimise, make sure that you give a link to them, on the pages which have a higher PA. One of the important things to do is to make sure these internal links are relevant.

Doing this, will ensure an excellent user experience, and will boost the time spent by visitors on the site.

Put Useful Content on Each Page of Your Site

Increasing your PA will be extremely tough without quality content. Short and vague content will have trouble attracting links, and is less likely to achieve a higher PA.
Your content should cover every angle of the topic at hand.

It should be opinion forming, have a unique take on the topic, and should be long enough. This way, it has the best chances of ranking, while ensuring a good user experience.

Various industry experts and marketers have attempted to ascertain how long a content page should be, in order to rank highly. Some estimate 1600 as the ideal word count, some say it’s 1500, while others estimate it to be 1200.

There is no need to be obsessed with the word count, just ensure that you have thoroughly covered the topic and you are good to go. I let the words flow without restricting it to a word count, and it works best for me.

Work on Building your Domain Authority(DA)

With regards to SEO, it’s of paramount importance to optimize at not only page level, but also at the domain-level. This is in fact more relevant when it comes to Page Authority. As you build the authority of your domain, the authority of your individual pages gets boosted automatically, especially if you have a well optimised internal link structure.

There is nothing extra that you have to do, as building your DA (Domain Authority) involves following each of the same steps listed in this blog post, for every single page, throughout your site. It means building links to various pages on your site, removing any harmful link, and optimising your internal link structure, etc.

It also involves ensuring that your site is optimised from a technical standpoint, including on-page optimisation, use of a proper URL structure, refrain from using duplicate content, etc. If any of these components are not in place, your efforts to build links and boost PA, could be less effective than you would want it to be.

Removing Harmful Links To Your Page On A Regular Basis

All the work you do to build links can go in vain if you have spam links pointing to your page. These bad links can largely overpower the benefits of your good links and cause a huge drop in rankings, a lower PA, and even can lead to a manual penalty from Google.

Check your DA on Moz Open Site Explorer
Check your DA on Moz Open Site Explorer

To identify these potentially harmful links, you should regularly conduct a link audit. Use tools like Open Site Explorer or Google Search Console and look at the links pointing to the page that you’re optimizing.

Look particularly for site-wide links, links with vague or irrelevant anchor text, and links from sites in questionable industries (Gambling, adult sites etc).

Seek Help From Professionals

Improving a site’s PA requires you to work on your pages consistently. It can be challenging for you if you are someone who is responsible for managing the other aspects of your business or site, such as sales and management. In such a scenario, seeking help from reputed digital marketing agencies can be worthwhile.

A reliable Digital marketing company with a content management team and SEO experts can do wonders with Link building, to make your PA reach its maximum and bring in optimum results. Make sure you find a trustworthy Digital marketing agency, which has an extensive experience in the industry.

Take Away

As with several other aspects of SEO, you don’t always have a direct control over your Page Authority. There’s no quick fix that will guarantee you success.

However, using these strategies will give you a greater chance of boosting both your Page Authority and ranking, on search engines.

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