How to Build Credibility With a Brand New Customer Base
How to Build Credibility With a Brand New Customer Base

How to Build Credibility With a Brand New Customer Base

If you run a business or work in marketing, then it’s part of your job to consider customer loyalty.

Brand building is not just about selling an individual product; it’s about keeping people coming back to make future recurring purchases. You’re selling a persona, anesthetic, and a company that customers can trust.

That said, there will always be a need for new customers. When new consumers enter the fold, you need to foster a sense of brand loyalty.

But how do you convey credibility and professionalism in your marketing to convert them into loyal customers?

It’s not always easy. The relationship you build with your target audience must be built responsibly. This will require a level of respect for your customer base.

Without that respect, you will become a faceless corporation to them, rather than a group of people who all work together to make a brand or product work for those who use it.

Here are some suggestions to build credibility with new customers:

Treating Your Target Audience as Thinking Individuals

Your target audience is made up of a diverse group of people with feelings, individual hobbies, personal experiences, and opinions. Obviously, they will have some things in common since they are all looking for the kind of service or products you can provide them with. Even so, they are people with their own backgrounds and stories.

For this exact reason, marketers need to take an approach commonly referred to as personalization. Personalization in marketing is important for customer relations, and you have no excuse to neglect it in the digital age.

Advertisements and social media posts based on algorithms and machine learning are great examples. These things are available to help you reach your target audience.

However it goes beyond algorithms: Consumers are smart, and as far as target audiences, millennials especially are skeptical of marketing pitches. Thus, there is never a reasonable “one-size-fits-all” approach that works in marketing.

Find ways to connect with people on an individual basis, and respect their opinions and the things they need. Purchaser surveys, swift responses to questions and complaints, and paying attention to their ethical and cultural stances is crucial to keep in mind in 2019.

Relating to Your Customer Base

What do your target audience and frequent shoppers care about? What makes them tick? How can you relate to them as a brand? These are the questions you should ask while trying to connect with your new audience. Keep generational differences in mind as well.

Currently, digital marketing encompasses the easiest set of platforms in which you may relate to your potential customer base, especially if you’re attempting to reach out to younger potential buyers.

Millennials especially are on social media for a large amount of time. It’s crucial to use the proper tools to optimize your social media campaign, and stay in the know about digital marketing trends.

In addition to this, make sure you have rich content. Additionally, ensure you are posting frequently. Entrepreneur guest author Jayson DeMers writes that being “socially active” is one of the best ways to naturally build brand loyalty:

You build visibility for your brand, you attract more followers and you find that the followers you do attract have a better feel for “who” your brand is. The more frequently you expose this side of your brand, the faster you’ll be able to build that trust.

A socially active mindset and an intelligent social strategy will help you to connect with your target audience better, and the results will hopefully last longer. You can monitor the kinds of things they’re talking about and cater to what them intelligently to hopefully earn their respect and their loyalty.

Taking Customer Safety Seriously

People want security. It’s a natural part of our makeup as human beings to desire safety. When a person invests time or money in you, they are trusting you with their digital information. Names, addresses, and financial information are likely stored in your systems if someone has used your e-commerce store, and keeping their personal information safe is a responsibility you cannot take lightly. 

You need to address cybersecurity threats as soon as they hit your radar. Whether its phishing, ransomware, or a different kind of digital breach, it’s important that you take preventative measures to take steps to recover data if they do end up happening to you. Don’t forget, it’s not just your information but that of your whole customer base at risk.

Additionally, you may need to consider business insurance. Not only will it keep your physical and financial assets safer, but it will help to build credibility for your brand as well.

Precautions such as this stand as proof that you don’t treat risks lightly. Rather, they give your customers the impression that you take them seriously. Maintain that kind of an attitude by seeking out appropriate insurance when necessary.

Building a Good Company Culture

It is hard in a high-speed digital age to hide anything. If you have a toxic company culture, chances are it will become public at some point or another. If word spreads, you will be left with could-have-been customers who don’t want to support you. Thus, building a good company culture is important to creating a successful company.

Think about what you would want as an employee and work to treat those under you the way you would like to be treated. Healthy company cultures produce better output. For this reason, you should know that successful management requires a mix of emotional and technical intelligence. The University of Maryland’s blog states:

Effective managers understand their employees on a personal level … [they] know their staff’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, then use that knowledge to put people in roles they will excel in … Understanding that working with people requires different skills than working with data is part of an emotional intelligence mix necessary for the leaders of tomorrow.

Good management comes down to is making sure your employees are taken care of on the terms of their necessity, including what they need to do their job well, health insurance and similar benefits, and enjoyment of their work.

You want your employees to be brand ambassadors, after all. You want them to tell people that you’re great to work for, right?

So give them something to brag about and to be proud of! Your reputation, along with the reward of retaining passionate employees, will be worth it!


To build credibility with a new audience, you have to maintain a respectful and exciting relationship with them. They are thinking individuals — not lemmings or sheep who will buy whatever you give them.

Underestimating or undervaluing their intelligence will cause them to leave. Do your best to relate to them on their terms, and utilize social media since most younger audiences have a strong presence on social platforms. 

Additionally, keeping your customer information safe is crucial in the digital age and shows your base that you respect them and are appreciative of their business.

Lastly, let customers know they can trust you to do the right thing by treating your employees well. If you build a healthy company culture, the good news will spread. If you don’t, it will prevent growth.

How have you built and maintained authentic credibility with your new customers?

Feel free to share your own brand experience in the comment section below!

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