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How to bypass government ban on cryptocurrencies
How to bypass government ban on cryptocurrencies

How to bypass government ban on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been growing quickly across the globe. They have outpaced expectations and gone from an underground tool to a mainstream commodity.

Bitcoin is the most known one, but there are plenty of other virtual currencies out there, and new ones are being created each week. Cryptocurrencies are popular because they allow internet users to avoid being tracked when they make transactions. Bitcoin’s blockchain technology allows users to make completely anonymous transactions from anywhere in the world, for example.

Why Governments Restrict Access To Virtual Currencies

While cryptocurrencies sound great for the average internet user looking to protect their privacy, they are viewed as a threat by national governments.

That’s because national governments want people using their official currencies, not virtual ones that they can’t tax. The fear is a loss of tax revenue and a lower valuation for their official currencies, which can cause a wide range of problems.

Implications of Bitcoin on third world countries
Implications of Bitcoin on third world countries

As a result, governments have tried to restrict access to virtual currencies by using geolocation blocks on exchanges and cryptocurrencies forums.

Using A VPN Can Allow Users To Bypass These Restrictions

Luckily, there is a way around geolocation restrictions on cryptocurrencies. It comes in the form of VPNs. Virtual private networks allow internet users to bypass IP based restrictions and access blocked sites.

VPNs also provide end-to-end encryption, which allows internet users to avoid being tracked by third parties, government actors, or hackers. Using a VPN is a great way to access cryptocurrencies and exchangers without fear of your online activity being watched by the government.

Here’s What Virtual Currency Users Can Look Forward To

If the current trend continues, then virtual currency users will likely see more national governments attempt to crack down on the usage of cryptocurrencies.

More and more people started to monetize their businesses using crypto.

Have you considered monetizing your biz with crypto?
Have you considered monetizing your biz with crypto?

If more forums and exchanges are blocked by geolocation, then VPNs become even more important for internet users around the world. And that is the most probable future: VPNs becoming indispensable for individuals looking to buy and sell virtual currencies without dealing with restrictions from their government.

Why VPNs Are So Critical To The Internet’s Future

VPNs are absolutely critical to the future of a free and open internet. That is because VPNs allow free access to the web at a time when governments are trying to filter what kind of information is available to their citizens online.

Often, we think of internet censorship only happening in countries like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps even in dictatorships like North Korea.

But internet censorship can happen anywhere in the world. Take the United States, for example. The US is typically associated with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and a free and open internet.

How To Make Money Trading Crypto-currencies
How To Make Money Trading Crypto-currencies

But the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality rules means that people accessing the internet from within the US borders may soon find that they can’t access the websites they want. Without net neutrality, ISPs can decide which sites internet users have access to, and at what speeds.

That means in the near future, US citizens might find their entire internet landscape changed. VPNs are invaluable because they prevent these kinds of restrictions from limiting internet access for users around the world.

No matter where you are located, VPNs can provide you with access to the web regardless of what geo-location restrictions on certain websites imposed by the national government.

Will Governments Try To Restrict Access To VPNs?

Of course, the question for readers is probably: “If users can use VPNs to access blocked cryptocurrency websites, what is to stop governments from trying to block VPNs?” The answer is that some governments have tried to do exactly that. China is most notorious for this practice, though some countries in the Middle East have also tried to block VPNs.

Fortunately, it is extremely difficult to block VPN use, in part because servers are located around the world and the web traffic is completely anonymous. However, governments are likely to continue trying to find a way to block VPN traffic.

It hasn’t happened yet, and it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. VPNs are here for the long term, and that is good news for anyone who wants to maintain a free and open internet–especially those who are trading cryptocurrencies and want a completely anonymous experience.

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