How To Create Short Yet Amazing Videos For Social MediaPin
How To Create Short Yet Amazing Videos For Social Media

How To Create Short Yet Amazing Videos For Social Media

Running social media channels can be fun, and frustrating. Breathtaking, and nerve-wracking. It’s a race to the pinnacle, always waiting for the drop.

What on earth are we talking about?

Well, depending on which platform you are trying to scale, the algorithm controls the success or failure of your content, and ultimately the growth of your page.

But here is a fun fact.

Did you know that globally almost 53% of all social media users prefer to watch video content than simple images? In fact, one-third of all online internet activity is spent watching videos. That’s almost 1-billion users.

Social Media and Generations (Infographic)Pin
Social Media and Generations (Infographic)

Digital marketing agencies love to create the misconception that quality videos are close to impossible to come by – unless you hire them for their exorbitant rates.

It’s a good thing you are here. Through this article, we go through a few actionable tips that you can use to create amazing, short, and enticing content for your social media platforms.

Here are our top tips for creating amazing content:

You Can Make High-Quality Videos On Your Mobile Device

You may think that your video camera on your mobile device is not powerful, clear, or accurate enough to be able to record enticing content for your social media platforms.

The honest answer?

If you had to just take it out and start recording – chances are it would be a terrible shot. Thankfully, we are here to help you capture quality videos that your follower base can enjoy.

We Live In The Horizontal Age

Think about the layout of your Instagram page, think about how your users react to Facebook videos? What do your followers prefer. More often than not horizontal videos tend to get more traction.

Avoid taking videos any other way. You want the viewers to remain in engaged for as long as possible.

Use A Tripod If You Can

Humans are shaky by nature. You probably know all about this if you have been trying to record quality images on your phone. If you really want high-quality camera content; you may want to consider investing in a tripod.

This will stabilize the video, making it appear far more professional. While saving you tons of time taking multiple shots due to shaky hand syndrome! Tripods can fold up – so you can easily find one that’s super portable. You can easily fit it in any bag or just carry it by hand with you.

Get Yourself A Decent Lighting Kit

If you are anything like I used to be, this is around the time you will start to become amazed at how many factors influence what could be a great video for your social media platforms.

For example, lighting is extremely important.

If you want to invest in a light kit set, which could set you back by roughly $100 – that would be great. There are other options if you don’t want to spend as much money on an expensive light kit.

You can create your own for a lesser price – or you can shop around for a cheaper alternative. But keep in mind, the iPhone camera works just as great with natural sunlight in the background.

Avoid Zooming In On Your Camera

As tempted as you may be to zoom in on the iPhone camera to get a clearer shot, I strongly suggest that you don’t.

Rather move around, and find the perfect position to take a great shot. Unfortunately, zooming in will influence the quality of the shot and the stability of the camera while recording. It’s better to move with your feet then press that zoom button. Plus, this will get you closer to the action. You wouldn’t be able to see what was really going on if you just zoomed in on your camera.

Make A Great Thumbnail For Your Video

You know the old saying, “first impressions are important”? Well, the thumbnail of your video is going to play a large role in the success factor of people actually clicking play on your video.

Which is why you may want to take the time to learn how to change thumbnail images for the videos you take on your iPhone.

Video Content Ideas that Work for Small BusinessesPin
Video Content Ideas that Work for Small Businesses

You Can Make Use Of Animation Software (The Good Stuff)

What do we mean by the good stuff? Well, this animation software is free, of course!

If you have the time to learn how to make nifty animation videos, sites such as Vimeo, and Wave are pretty fantastic for what you need.

The best part about choosing to go with animation software is that they both have thorough guides and free templates that you can make use of.

Social Media Marketing TipsPin
Social Media Marketing Tips

So What Does This All Mean For You?

So now you know how to make great videos on your iPhone. You understand just how to nail down an effective animation that your audience can enjoy. So are you ready to create compelling videos for your target audience?

Just remember, quality and clarity are your two best friends when it comes to any type or form of social media posts. Want to find out more about why high-quality content is so important? Read this article.

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