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How to Find Your Motivation When You Are Feeling Down?
How to Find Your Motivation When You Are Feeling Down?

How to Find Your Motivation When You Are Feeling Down?

You enter into your office with high hopes of starting your day with a bang but bumped into your boss who was furious about the project slipping from grasp. He vented his frustration on you.

The next minute, all your motivation evaporates into thin air. You start to feel bad about yourself and everything goes downhill from there.

When you are demotivated, your productivity takes a hit and that happens with you as well. At the end of the day, you are unable to achieve your daily target.

You keep thinking about the incident that took place early in the morning and it keeps coming back to haunt you. We all have been similar situations on several occasions and struggle to cope up with it.

This brings us to an important question of how you can find your motivation when you are feeling down?

In this article, you will learn about five ways to find your motivation when you are feeling down.

1. Start with Why

When things are not going your way, the best way to find motivation is to think about the purpose.

Why do you want to achieve a particular?

How bad you want to achieve that goal?

Think back to the time when you started, what was on your mind when you started the struggle. This will give you motivation and energy that will drive you through tough situations.

Let’s say you want to establish your own business but ask yourself why you want to do that? Does the purpose you are striving for is worth your efforts? Asking all these questions will take you closer to Why.

Once you reach there, make sure to write it down. Set a prize and make sure it is in your view and the goal does not seem unachievable anymore. Reward yourself once you achieve your goal.

2. Add Some Fun

With the new year just around the corner, most people will be busy in making their new year’s resolution and one of the most common new year’s resolutions is living a healthy lifestyle.

Despite that, very few people manage to achieve their new year resolutions by the end of the year.


Because you are not going to stay fit by being a couch potato and binge-watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. You have to be consistent with your diet and exercise regimen, which most of them are not.

Even if exercises seems a difficult thing to do, you can add some fun element to the routine by combining it with your favorite activities. Let’s say you love to listen to music.

Why not combine your music listening while jogging?

Do squats and push-ups while watching your favorite TV shows. Set fitness milestones and when you achieve your milestones, reward yourself with a sweet treat.

You can apply the same formula at work and get out of demotivation quickly. Let’s say you have to complete five projects. Reward yourself after completing every project and it will motivate you to complete the remaining projects before the deadline and inside the budget.

You can also experiment with something weird as the famous music composer Mozart did. Did you know that he learned to play the piano while lying upside down on the piano bench?

He used this trick during a boring session to stay focused and engaged. He puts in long hours of practice when eventually made him the best music composer the world has ever seen.

3. Try Something Different

There are many ways to achieve a goal. If you are struggling to achieve your goal one way that does not mean that you should stop trying. Try change things up. Use a different process and more importantly, choose a way that works for you and you will surely be able to achieve your goal. If working manually is not your thing, you can use an online task management software to stay organized.

Let’s say you have to complete your thesis. You can work on it in the morning or at night. Break down a large task into smaller ones so you can manage it easily.

Instead of trying to complete the thesis in a couple of sittings, you should complete it in weeks. Even making minor changes can make a difference.

Have you ever tried using a non-dominant hand to write?

Have you ever tried working on your thesis in a basement?

Try experimenting with it and something will surely click.

4. Let Bygones Be Bygones

Past is just that, past. Live in the present and stop thinking about the past. Learn to live in the present moment, plan about the future and learn from the past. Success usually comes when you are laser-focused on the task at hand instead of focusing on dozens of things that distract you from your goal.

Don’t let the nightmare come back to haunt you again and again. Have a futuristic vision and focus on what you are currently working on. Many people throw in the towel after having few bad experiences because they are not fully committed to your commitment to the cause matter most and will determine whether you succeed or fail.

5. Find a Partner

When you are going through a tough period and things are not going according to the plan, you need support. You want to share your problems with someone but if there is no one to share it with you, that is where stress, demotivation, and anxiety creeps in.

Find a partner, who can be anyone from your friend to a co-worker who understands your problems and provide you with much needed human support in the time of your need.

You want someone to encourage you and motivate you and also give you a wake-up call when you need it. A fair-weather friend or coworker can fulfill this role perfectly and help you get out of a depressing situation and regain your motivation. Two are always better than one.

How do you find your motivation when you are feeling down?

Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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