How to Make Money With Aged Domains
How to Make Money With Aged Domains

How to Make Money With Aged Domains

Everyone that is serious about doing business online needs to register a domain name for their website.

Most of the people go to their favourite registrar and start typing keywords until they found one available. Speaking about good registrars I can recommend you PorkBun which have awesome prices and I’ve recently discovered.

The problem is that most of the good domain names (short, easy to spell and brand-able) are already taken.

However, there is some other way you can start your online presence and I’m talking here about aged domains.

This article will step you through the process of identifying the opportunities that aged domains present. Moreover, I will spell out the concrete benefits you will get if you invest in aged domains.

Finally, I will step you through common solutions in effectively and efficiently finding aged domains that can help your bottom line.

What is an aged domain?

An aged domain is a domain name that was registered several years ago.

If we talk about SEO, an aged domain is considered a domain that was indexed by Google several years ago.

Here are the most important things that make an aged domain valuable:

  • Short & Easy to spell, brand-able domain name – As I’ve already told you most of the good domain names are already taken. Of course, you can go with new extensions like .london or .agency if it fits but for now, if you’re serious about your business you should aim for the .com.
  • SEO Weight – Domain age is a proven SEO factor as old domains name tend to rank better compared with newly launched ones. That’s because have been already indexed, may have a strong backlink profile and a good reputation
  • Brand mentions in publications – Aged domains may have solid backlinks from online magazines, newspapers and other sites from the industry. Also, don’t forget about brand mentions.
  • Traffic – Aged domains still may carry a lot of traffic from people that simply remember the domain address or follow an old link and want to visit the website.
  • High reputation – There are domains that have already got a high reputation in their niche on the market. It is a good bonus as it takes much time and effort to create a good reputation at the beginning.

For these reasons, aged domains may sell from several hundreds up to million dollars. Let’s take for instance the domain crypto.com which was registered in 1993 was recently sold for a price tag around 5 or 10 million dollars to a crypto-currency company.

Where to find aged domains

There are many places where you can find aged domains for sale. Just to list several places:


You can still find good, aged domains that are sold for several dollars on popular webmaster forums. You will not find a million-dollar domain name there but still, if you have the time to look through listing you can find a domain name that you can sell it for 5-10 times its acquisition price.

TopGoldForum Marketplace
TopGoldForum Marketplace

Here are several forums you should check:

  1. Top Gold Forum Marketplace
  2. DigitalPoint Domain Listings
  3. DNForum Marketplace
  4. NamePros Marketplace
  5. WebHostingTalk Domains
Word of caution: Here the domains are sold by individuals so you should take all the precaution measures to make sure the seller actually owns the domain and will transfer it to you. I suggest using an escrow service.

Domain Marketplaces

The big advantage of using auction sites to scoop up your network of aged domains is that they are very easy to use. There is a lot of inventory available.

Moreover, you can select based on categories and metrics relevant to SEO, Social Media, Traffic etc.

Here are several marketplaces you should check:

  1. Sedo.com –  With over 700,000 domain sales since the set-up, Sedo is the best place to sell domain names. Sedo It is the biggest transacting platform for “secondhand” domains, which help people to obtain the desirable domain which is already taken.
  2. Flippa.com – With over 800K registered users and approx. 30,000 domain sales, Flippa is the most popular site for selling websites, domains, and apps.
  3. Godaddy Auctions –  GoDaddy has captured the domain market like fire. It is the world’s most established domain name registrar with 14 million clients. And it has over 63 million domain names under supervision.
  4.  SnapNames – Snapnames is again another known web.com company for aftermarket domain names. It offers around 30 million domain names.
  5. NameCheap Auctions – Namecheap is primarily a domain registrar and a hosting company but also has a marketplace to buy and sell domain names. The marketplace has several types of domains like acronyms, advertising, auto, business, education, entertainment, etc.
Word of caution: There are cases of domain auctions that are actually rigged. The domain looks like it is about to sell for let’s say $5,000, but the actual bids are made by people who are either employees or partners of the domain seller. So don’t spend more than you decided to pay before the auction begins.

Domain brokers

There are several brokers that hunt aged domains and then resell them. Visit this page to buy expired domains.

How to spot awesome domains

Now that you know where you can find aged domains is time to get serious and acquire some of these domains. Keep in mind that you may lose money if you buy the wrong domain that you will never be able to resell.

As I’ve told you before good, aged domains have several characteristics: short and easy to remember, carry on SEO weight, a solid backlinks profile, brand mention, traffic and of course, you can purchase them for a good price.

In order to do that you need a tool like Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro that will scan through thousands of domains to show you the best one including relevant metrics. It is one of the best software in the market has awesome features:

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro Features

  • Hunt for Niche Related expired domains from a keyword(s)
  • Hunt for expired domains with links from authority/niche related websites
  • Reverse Crawl Expired Domains, no third-party accounts required for this (like there is with competitors)
  • Find brandable / keyword domains within seconds with Easy Expired Domains
  • Recover websites from the Wayback Machine archives with DomRecovery (more on this later)
  • Create huge lists of domains in just a couple of minutes ready for checking
  • Get Moz, Majestic and Social stats with no need for 3rd party accounts
  • Filter and sort on any stats
  • Fastest expired domain scraping available

In the picture below you see how fast I’ve found several domains for the keyword cybersec. I’m planning to create a cybersecurity-related website, btw.

This powerful piece of software also crawls aged Web 2.0 accounts from Tumblr.com, Blogspot.com, and WordPress.com. In fact, it has a long list of free web2.0 and blog sites that it crawls using high-quality SEO metrics.

You can rest assured that you won’t miss out on totally free Web 2.0 accounts using the Domain Hunter Gatherer Software (discount here).

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can simply ask your money back if you decide this is not for you.

How to sell aged domains

There are several ways you can make money with aged domains:

1- Resell the domain as it is

Just after you purchased the domain you can put it back on sale on marketplaces or send emails to websites and companies that may be interested to acquire it.

For instance, I receive 3-4 emails every month from sellers that offer me the same domain name that I own but using other extensions. Ex: I own the .com and I receive offers of the .net or short version of them. This way you can easily make 2-5 times of the price you paid.

2 – Build a website and sell it

Another way is to actually rebuild the website, add content, invest in SEO and Social Media, get some nice traffic growth and then put the website for sale.

This way you can make 10 times or way more than you invested in a domain name. Here is a Complete Guide on how to sell your blog.

How to evaluate and sell your blog
How to evaluate and sell your blog

3 – Build a website and sell backlinks, advertising

This methods is like the previous one but with a twist. Instead of selling the property you monetize it monthly through affiliate sales, posting advertorials and placing advertisements. You still make money monthly and still keep the property.

In the tutorial below you learn how to monetize a blog properly.

How much traffic should you have before monetizing your blog
How much traffic should you have before monetizing your blog


Now you have everything you need to start making money hunting for aged domains.

Let me know in the comments form below if you flipped domains in the past and what were your achievements.

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