How To Make Most Out Of Your Toll Free Number Service
How To Make Most Out Of Your Toll Free Number Service

How To Make Most Out Of Your Toll Free Number Service

With the vast number of tech-communications companies offering toll-free number services these days, it might be challenging to know what you’re getting into when offered one of their services.

Many people have no idea where to start regarding this matter because they don’t understand how they will get the most out of this particular service.

Some might not even know how the system works, to begin with.

What Is A Toll-Free Number?

To introduce the concept, a toll free number is a dedicated phone number that customers could dial for a free call.

Wherever they might be located in the world, toll-free number services allow consumers to place their calls in an expedited manner and at a much lower cost than traditional cell phones.

In fact, there’s no cost at all since the caller won’t pay anything when dialling one of these numbers.

Many businesses these days now commonly use toll-free number services, the same with government agencies and individuals who may have specific uses for it. But the primary reason for having one is to save on long-distance calls that often cost them money.

This money-saving fact could also apply especially to business owners who might be considering some innovations or expansions to help their business boost sales and exposure. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, then it’s proper to do due diligence and research about this matter first.

Here are three major tips to help you get started on the right foot and make the most out of your toll-free number service procurement.

1. Determine How Many Numbers You Need To Offer

When setting up your free number service, the first thing you want to do is to ensure that you have a solid plan in place so you could maximize the use of this service. And when you have figured in this service into your business plan, the next thing you will want to figure out is the number of toll-free numbers you wish to offer.

The common practice for businesses is to offer only one toll-free number service. However, when your business is heavily engaged in communications, meaning your customers would need to call your place of business or company periodically or regularly, then investing in such services might prove beneficial for you in the long run.

To test, try figuring out how much money your customers might be spending each time they made calls to your store or business. When you’ve figured out how much money they might be shelling out on calls, you might be able to figure out how many numbers you need to offer to make sure that the number service would be a good value to your customers.

Imagine the brand loyalty this move could cultivate when your customers find out that they could call you for free.

Thus, the things to consider further when determining the toll-free numbers you need to offer to your customers are the following:

  • Whether you want a single or universal number for your brand or company
  • Number of departments that need to take in calls
  • The workforce you have to manage the calls
  • Your expected call volume

2. Let It Complement Your Sales Support System

In a business with hundreds or even thousands of customers, it might be imperative to offer toll-free numbers for sales support. When people call the number, they will get to speak to an agent who can answer their questions and direct them to the right department to find answers.

Some of the benefits of offering a toll-free number for sales support include the following:

  • Make Customers’ Lives Easier: It’s essential to provide this kind of service to your customers as it makes their lives more comfortable because their needs are addressed adequately.
  • Better Customer Service: With good customer service, your customers will feel like they have a reliable person to help them out.
  • Customer Retention: If they feel good about the way you handle your business as experienced through this toll-free service assistance, they will stay with your company longer.

3. Offer Toll-Free Number For Specific Technical Support

When you give your customers a dedicated number to call for technical support, they know they will be able to talk to a live person if there’s an urgent problem with items they purchased from your store.

They won’t feel the need to wait for a response like if they sent their queries through other channels, such as your email or social media accounts, where the communication always starts one-way.

Thus, when your customers call in to speak to someone, it will make the call feel more personal, and it can lead to a more beneficial relationship between you and the customer.

This repercussion would be a positive one, and it will be great, especially if you have a thriving online business since people will trust you more.

Thus, having toll free numbers would not only improve the customer experience of your company, but it will also make your business develop a reputation that’s reachable and approachable.


Deciding on availing one or multiple toll-free numbers could definitely increase sales for anyone’s business. When customers could contact your business via these toll-free numbers, especially for customer service and technical support, your company’s reputation could significantly improve.

Sure, customers could still send questions via email, phone, chat, or in person. But knowing that they could also reach you anytime with a free call is also good reassurance that you’re practising valuable business etiquette, one that they can trust and rely on.

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