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How to Support Employees Through Parental Burnout

How to Support Employees Through Parental Burnout

Raising a family and maintaining a successful career can be a difficult challenge, and it is even harder for an employee if they don’t feel supported by their workplace.

Attempting to balance your workload, children and have a social life might seem impossible, but if employees have the right support both in and out of work, there’s no reason why every aspect of someone’s life can’t be fulfilled.

A company has a responsibility to its workforce, to ensure each member of the team feels supported if they’re experiencing parental burnout. Below is some advice that business leaders can follow to ensure employees have a good work-life balance.

Why do parents experience parental burnout?

When balancing work and home life, it can feel as though one aspect is always more successful than the other. For example, if your partner is supportive at home, but you don’t have the understanding of an employer, it can feel like your career is suffering.

A lack of a social life can also contribute to parental burnout. A good work-life balance is crucial to employee wellbeing, this is because if a staff member carries out their duties as a parent and a member of the team, with no personal downtime, this can lead to frustration, resentment and other negative emotions.

How can parental burnout be helped?

There are a number of actions an organization can take to support its employees through parental burnout and ensure they feel supported in their role.

Consider allowing flexible working

A common benefit for employees from all types of organizations, flexible working. This can enable parents to meet all of their childcare needs, while still performing well as a member of the team.

Offering employees the option to work from home when needed, or to start work earlier to be able to pick their children up from school will make them feel that their company understands their home situation and that as a valued staff member, they are supported to do the best job possible.

Ensure workloads are manageable

Another way parents can feel supported in the workplace is through the delegation of workloads. If tasks aren’t suitably divided between the workforce, some members may feel required to stay late and finalise work, therefore missing out on valuable time with their families.

Organisations should ensure all employee workloads are manageable and promote the importance of a good work life balance and the benefits it can have on productivity and creativity in a business.

Offer professional help

If organizations are struggling to offer the correct support to employees suffering from parental burnout, there are a number of professional services available which can offer proactive assistance.

Providing access to an employee assistance programme gives support to those staff who require it. Resources such as online videos and webinars, phone counseling and face-to-face support are offered through an employee assistance programme and can alleviate pressure on organizations to create and design their own internal wellbeing agenda.


Parental burnout is, unfortunately, a common issue within organizations, but by implementing the advice in this post, companies can feel prepared to support all members of the workforce, regardless of their home situation.

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