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How to easily unlock your phone
How to easily unlock your phone

How to easily unlock your phone

Your two-year contract is finally up, and you wish to save some money by bringing your mobile phone into a carrier with lower prices.

Regrettably, chances are that your phone is locked to your carrier, which stops you from jumping ship and using your phone on another network.

Luckily, laws and the Federal Communications Commission made the process of unlocking your phone easier than ever.

What’s more, it superseded an earlier decision made by the Library of Congress that translated mobile phone unlocking as a breach of copyright (a judgment that really saw phone unlocking growth in popularity).

Cell phone unlocking, in other words, is legally permissible. Simply because unlocking your phone is legal does not necessarily mean it is simple to do, however.

Let us dive into how to unlock a phone and break your ties to a carrier.


Before you set your mind on unlocking your phone, you will have to bear in mind that doing this is not a fast process by any stretch of the imagination.

Unlocking your phone can take several phone calls and hours of work. Additionally, unlocking your phone before you leave your present carrier will be wise, since the incentive to assist you through the process will not be as great.
With that in mind, there are a few nuggets of information you will need:

  • The account holder’s name and account number
  • IMEI number of your device
  • Your phone number
  • account holder’s Social Security number or password
  • A completed contract and/or apparatus payment plan
  • Overseas deployment papers, if the nature of your query involves you being in the army and wanting to unlock your phone before your contract is up

Now that you have this information, let us see how every carrier handles unlocking your mobile phone. With that said, here are some third-party tools:

#1 Online unlocking services

Third-party unlocking solutions, by and large, differ only in name.

Here’s how many of them work:

You make your way into a site, provide payment in exchange for an unlock code, and wait for the code to arrive through email. Prices vary depending upon your device, but they generally range anywhere from a few dollars to about $54. Third-party providers can be precarious, however.

The majority of them require you to pay upfront, and there is always the danger that the unsavory one of them will only take your money and never send you a code. It’s always wise to research a thoroughly before you fork over any quantity of cash.

If you don’t want to run into any issues we recommend you to check OnlineUnlocks.com. They are in business for over 8 years and served over 10,000 customers at this time.

Reputable unlocking solutions also often have customer care lines so as to assist with code difficulties. They typically deliver codes fast, also.I’ve used their services on several occasions and I was always happy with how everything went.

If you discover users whining about codes being postponed for days, weeks, or even weeks, then it is probably best to keep away from these services and stick with reputable unlocking solutions only.

#2 – Purchasing unlocked phones

Another alternative is to simply buy phones which are already unlocked. Many mobile makers sell unlocked phones on their sites, such as Sony, Huawei, Google, Apple, HTC, and much more.

Some of these companies also offer payment plans to lessen the financial burden a little. Retailers like Amazon and Walmart also sell unlocked phones but frequently with high upfront costs. For cases, the list price for an unlocked iPhone 8 is more than $800.

The advantages of an unlocked phone more than compensate for the additional cost, however. You don’t need to go through any hoops to unlock them for you personally, and you have the choice to decide on any mobile phone service that you want, whether it’s prepaid, postpaid or something in between.

Sure, you’ll need to shell out a couple of extra hundred dollars at the time of purchase, but the liberty to switch between carriers can save you a bundle in monthly plan costs later on.


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