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How to Unplug from Work on Vacation

How to Unplug from Work on Vacation

Summer is the best time for kids. They spend their three months summer vacation playing outside, going to amusement parks with other kids or simply catching up on their favorite cartoons.

While we adults don’t have the luxury of a 3-month vacation, we are given one or two weeks to spend away from work. Instead of making the most of it by taking a trip with our family, most of us are guilty of bringing work to our vacation. We are obsessed with our work that it makes us unhappy and stressed, despite the timeout given.

So how do we have the best vacation with our family by unplugging ourselves from our workload? Follow these tips below and have the best vacation that you and your family will never forget.

Avoid jumping into new projects before you leave

New projects are always exciting and challenging, yet you would feel otherwise if you accept this new big project a few days before your vacation. You won’t be able to spend the last remaining days prior to your vacation preparing things that you need to bring if your mind is glued to this new project.

Inform your boss a few weeks before your vacation and politely postpone new projects until you are back.

Take full control of your time

It’s nice to be a valuable asset to your company, however, you should know how to draw a line when it comes to your availability during your vacation with your family. Don’t let your employer intrude on your time.

Politely advise your boss a few days before you leave that you would appreciate it if you won’t receive any work-related phone calls. If it’s inevitable that you have to do some urgent works, relay that you would need to be paid for working despite being on leave.

Learn to depend on a co-worker

Having a good working relationship with your co-workers not only makes you feel happier at work, but it can come in handy when you need to take your vacation leave. Learn how to delegate your tasks.

Pass your important projects to a coworker that is not only competent, but you also trust him to deliver the task. This way, you would truly enjoy sunbathing and having fun with your family and not having to worry if things are done in the office.

Make your family accountable for how you spend your time

Have you tried going on a vacation with someone who’s constantly on his phone? Not a pleasant experience, is it? Your family feels the same way too if you spend most of your time answering phone calls or checking emails instead of hanging out with them.

This vacation, make a difference by solely prioritizing them and declining all work-related calls. You can even appoint them as your watch and give you a fine every time you do work-related stuff while on vacation.

Turn off notifications

To avoid the stress of having your device constantly buzzing with work-related reminders, turn off your notification. On an IOS or Mac device, you can disable your notifications by using the “do not disturb” settings while Android users can turn off the notifications through individual apps.

Limit your access or totally sign out from work-related accounts. Spending your vacation away from electronic gadgets will completely rejuvenate your mind and body.

Create a full-pack schedule

It’s easy to get tempted to check your emails if you just sit idly in your hotel room. However, if your day is full of fun activities and places to go to, you won’t even have the time nor the energy to browse through your emails or answer work-related queries.

Choose an all-inclusive destination that offers everything, from great views and accommodation to exciting activities and mouth-watering cuisines. Take this opportunity to experience as much as you can with your family. Go to as many places, taste as many foods and know as many local cultures as you can.

Prioritize the use of cellphones and emails

In a dream world, you spend your 3 days-vacation on a cruise ship enjoying every second of it and not being bothered by the outside world.

In a real life though, there are urgent work-related things that you must do. If you really need to work, make sure that you are only doing the ones that need urgent attention. Assess if replying to a particular email can wait until you get back.

Leave your electronic gadgets behind

Probably the most practical way of totally unplugging yourself from work during your vacation trip is by leaving your laptops or cellphones behind. If you can’t totally live without your phone, you can leave it in your hotel room and go on your planned activities for the day.

It’s not every day that we get a chance to spend alone time with our family. Make the most of your vacation trip by making them a priority and leave all work-related stuff behind. You’re likely to have a better time when you aren’t thinking about work. Take this time to relax with your family and you’ll be thankful on the long run.

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