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HubSpot Academy Review
HubSpot Academy Review

HubSpot Academy Review

In this post, I’ll be reviewing Hubspot Academy. If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing, keep reading because this might be precisely what you are looking for.

HubSpot Academy is an excellent source for marketers and sales professionals to improve their skills and learn new areas of online business. So if you’re interested in learning new skills or improving your existing marketing, sales, or even design skills, then keep on reading.

Who is the HubSpot Academy for?

For marketers in all stages of their online businesses who want to learn more about digital marketing and for people looking for digital marketing certifications that can improve their odds of getting hired.

Benefits of HubSpot Academy

I’ll mention a couple of the essential benefits and the rest you can explore by yourself if you decide to try it.

Learn about all critical areas of your online business

Choose between many courses for different specialties such as content marketingemail marketing, website design, Instagram marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, YouTube marketing, contact management, inbound sales, and Search Engine Optimization.

Find the job of your dreams.

If you complete any of the certifications, you’ll get a badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or your CV. One thing that’s great about HubSpot certifications is that the industry recognizes them, and once you have that on your CV, it will help to strengthen the impression about you.

Flexible class hours

You can download the slides and the transcript if you’re interested. You can also download the study guide in PDF format. It is well prepared, and it is beneficial if you want to improve your skills in any online business area.

Access to HubSpot CRM, marketing, and sales tool

When signing up for HubSpot Academy, you also get free access to HubSpot’s all-in-one system for CRM, marketing, and sales, where the most valuable tool for beginners might be an email marketing tool.

PROs and CONs of HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy PROs

  • This is an extensive library of free online training, and anyone interested in having an online business will benefit from this.
  • Excellent quality of courses, easy to follow, which explains the subject in detail.
  • Access to award-winning support and a community of marketing and sales experts who can help you out with any problem you can have.
  • HubSpot is giving a combination of online courses and lessons for free.
  • Higher education institutions that accept Hubspot certifications recognize credible and reliable courses.
  • HubSpot is the company behind the inbound methodology and one of the SM foundational certification programs you can take online for inbound marketing.

HubSpot Academy CONs

  • Course duration can be terrifying for someone who watches it for the first time, and it feels like too much information.
  • Logging in can be a bit difficult if you’re trying to go in from the main site.

Features of HubSpot Academy

  • 19 short courses.
  • 13 certification courses.
  • Around 200 single lessons on a variety of topics.
  • Short quizzes within the course material to help you test your knowledge.
  • Video transcript and the slide deck material.
  • Additional tools and resources that enhance the stuff from the lessons.

Conclusion on HubSpot Academy Review

There are many reasons to join the HubSpot Academy. Just visit the academy and start learning.

I can recommend you take some of these certifications because the industry recognizes these. Once you complete them, you’ll know about boosting your business or finding a job in the digital marketing industry.

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