How to Increase your Chance of Winning on Games of Chance
How to Increase your Chance of Winning on Games of Chance

Slot Games – How to Increase your Chance of Winning on Games of Chance

Granted, winning or losing on a game of chance is typically unpredictable, and people who play these types of game have a tendency to believe in lucky or unlucky streaks.

The actual mechanics of games like slots, though, are based on a set of rules and thus the results are not completely random, so to speak. While a random number generator determines where the reels will land, it still needs to stick to the RTP setting of the game. By understanding these factors and knowing which games to play, players can give themselves a better chance of winning.

How to Pick the Right Slot

Picking the right slot has a lot to do with your preferences. If you like pirates, you could go for something like the Boom Pirates slot from Microgaming. Alternatively, if you are a music lover you could try out the Guns N’ Roses slot from NetEnt.

It is important to choose a slot that is going to entertain you and provide a good playing experience. But you should also consider that various games have different rules.

For example, the RTP (return to player) often varies from game to game. It is usually set at around 90%, but this can go up or down. Put simply, this means that if you put in $100 it should return $90. Some machines have a higher RTP, which will give players a better chance of winning.

Therefore, while all the games are based on probability, it is never as cut and dried as the example above. Imagine flipping a coin 100 times.

Probability dictates that it should land on heads fifty times and tails fifty times, but it rarely works out so perfectly. In the coin flip and in slot games, there is always variance.

Where to Play

Choosing where to play can be another way to gain an advantage when it comes to slot games. There are hundreds of different sites to select from, but some are better than others. Consulting a website that seeks out bonuses and reviews providers is the best way to find somewhere to play, and there are some great sign up deals for Americans only found on BonusFinder.

Certain sites offer up to $500 in deposit match bonuses, and if this free money is used on slot games it means that players don’t have to risk as much of their own bankroll. There are also free spins to use on selected games, and players can sometimes get these before depositing any money.

This provides a chance to get a feel for the games before staking your own money on them.

Once you have decided on a slot game to play and where to play it, make sure you understand the rules before you start spending money on it.

For instance, activating a greater number of pay lines means that any wins will be multiplied by higher amounts. However, in this scenario, each spin will cost more than if you only activated a few pay lines.

Whenever you stake on games, therefore, make sure that each spin is priced relative to your overall bankroll. This way, you will be able to regulate how much you spend.

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