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Jamie Spencer -

Interview with Jamie Spencer – MakeAWebsiteHub

Today we have on our interviews sessions, Jamie Spencer from I encourage you to check his blog as Jamie is writing very informative and detailed step by step tutorials on how to setup and monetize an website.

1. Hello Jamie. I’m glad to be doing this interview with you. Do you mind telling our readers a little bit about you and what you do ?

Sure, I’m Jamie Spencer. I am a full time blogger based in the Lake District in the UK. I currently run a number of educational and product review blogs which provide me with passive income.

2.Can you share some of your work ?

My primary focus at the moment is it was designed to help people learn how to start their own money making websites and break away from the 9 to 5. I recently purchased and have so far doubled revenue on that site.

As I mentioned before I also run a few product review and Amazon affiliate sites too. You can read more about my process for building those here: How to build an amazon affiliate website.

3.What do you like most to create blogs or to grow them (add content, marketing, customer support etc) ?

I actually quite like both. I enjoy the excitement and buzz of building a site, finding a niche, coming up with some angles to attack the niche and unleashing my creativity.

I also like to buy websites and fix them (like my current project some times there are quick wins to be had and that is also very satisfying.[/highlight]

4.What motivated you to become an entrepreneur ?

I have always been working on side projects while I was working full time as a designer in London. Even at college I organized a few parties and club nights as way of making a few extra pennies.

So I guess it is something that has always been with me. After my daughters were born I was very stressed with work and had no life what so ever. I had gained 35lbs and was very down. Something had to change.

However I still was building blogs and websites on the side of my job.Eventually a few of my sites really started to take off, so I took the risk to dive in and do it full time. Now I couldn’t be happier I see my kids every day, I am more active and healthy. I am financially independent and that is a great feeling.

5.You hired staff or do you run the show on your own ?

I do not have any direct employees but I do have some freelancers to help with producing content or editing my blogs and any web development tasks that my limited PHP knowledge can’t solve. Generally I run this on my own.

6. How many hours do you work daily? What are daily tasks for your business?

Around 6 hours per day.

I generally wake up early and try to get at least one hours work in before the children wake up for school. Normally this will be admin tasks such as email, paying invoices etc. I then do the school run. I will then head out to a coffee shop or work in my office for a few hours of focused work.

This will normally involve design work for infographics or writing and researching content for my sites. Around 2pm I will go to the gym and then pick the girls back up from school. Once the girls are in bed I might work for another hour or so before relaxing for the evening. Again checking emails and keeping in touch with my freelancers.

7. What was your biggest mistake and what have you learned from it?

My biggest mistake at first was spreading myself too thinly. I was doing everything myself. Working 12-14 hours per day and worrying about things that I had little control over. Since then I have taken an interest in creating a focused work environment

8. If you could send now a message, an advice to you when just started this journey, what will it be?

Ignore those naysayers they are brainwashed with the go to college get a good job mentality, don’t burn yourself out – 5 hours focused work will be better for you and the business than 12 hours of multitasking, drink more water & get to the gym.

9. Do you think entrepreneurialism is something that is in your blood? Or is something that can be learned?

I think there is an element that it is already in your personality. You’re happy to take risks and go against the crowd. You will also need to be an optimistic person as at times it can be scary. However there are lots of skills you will learn along the way and if you’re even thinking about doing something different then do it.

10. Who have you looked to as inspiration throughout your career?

I really enjoyed reading Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn’s blogs about building a passive income online (editor note: Read an interview with Pay Flynn on our site).  However my big inspirations are people in the online space who many people won’t know, but who’s site you may well have visited and they are very private people so I won’t mention them or their projects.

But honestly anyone who is putting themselves out there to build an income online is an inspiration and someone I would love to get to know.

11. Do you have any plans (personal or business) that you can share with us?

My goals for 2017 will be :

  1. Increase overall income by 75%
  2. Sell 40% of my sites
  3. Reinvest into 3 new projects
  4. Lose another 7lbs
  5. Complete a half marathon

Thank you Jamie for taking the time to answer on this interview. You have a really impressive journey.

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