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Interview with Michael Dunlop from

Michael Dunlop is a Young entrepreneur who is blessed enough to retire at the age of 21. Being a college dislexic drop out Michael has set him self to exceptional goals and achieved them. He has been in contact with top name people such as Bob Parsons, Bobby Chang and more.

Putting his success and environmentalism to the top Michael has inspired me along with thousands others to fulfill their dream as a young entrepreneur.

Michael’s most successful sites, and I was lucky enough to come in contact with Michael and set some time aside to interview him.

1: What motivated you to become a young entrepreneur?

Lifestyle, working the 9 – 5 for the “man” means you have no freedom to do what you want when you want. Working for myself means I make my own decisions and the sky is the limit. Young entrepreneurs have really changed the world in a great way and we need more of them so if you are young and haven’t yet taken action, todays the day to start!

2: When you first started out did you ever imagine to be able to retire at 21?

I have a love/hate relationship with the idea, I think its possible if you take it in the right direction.  I’m building assets to sell, I don’t think I will make my millions from revenue from my websites but rather from selling them when the time is right.

3: What do you plan on doing after your retire?

I don’t quite think I will retire, I do enjoy what I am doing. I do love cars so I would buy a mustang and spend my time working on the car and working on new projects.

4: You have been in contact with top name companies such as Bob parsons from Godaddy, Kevin Spokes and more. How as this played a impact on your career?

 Surrounding yourself by great people can excel your learning and implementation. Get rid of bad friendships and people who hold you back and you will find your business will start doing a lot better. The great thing about meeting such amazing people such as Bob, Yanik Silver, Cameron Johnson etc is that they help you realize what you want. Seeing people live really cool lives and work smartly makes me want to get there quicker.

5:Who have you looked to as inspiration throughout your career?

I don’t really look upto anyone but I do love how a few people do business such as Bob Parsons, Yanik Silver, James Schramko and Alex Jeffreys. They don’t work harder, they work smarter which is very important. They also have great business models and no one ever says a bad word about them.

6:What are your top income streams?

Affiliate programs and selling products on Commission. Its very important to test different ways of monetizing your website, so many big names do it wrong and so I advise you not to just follow the gurus.

7:If you were to offer one piece of advice to your audience what would it be ?

 Work with the end in mind, don’t try to keep making a quick buck.

8:Why retire at 21?

Wanted a catchy name that people could aspire to. Its possible and I think as time goes on we will find it being a possibility but not something people will actually do as a true entrepreneur would never retire.

9:If you were to start all over again – what would you do differently?

Start building a list earlier and stay more focused. So many young entrepreneurs take so much time of work because they have success and don’t need the money so much as they still live at home. If I focused through out my time online I would be a lot further then I am now.

10:How much time do you set aside a day to work online?

I work when I want to work, I enjoy spending time mountain biking so when I’m not doing that I work on my websites. I tend to work between 1 and 3 hours a day on my network of websites.

11:Has working online been a life changing experience for you?

Definitely, it has let me do what I want when I want. I have never had to go into the 9 – 5 as I was young when I started my websites but its great to live a life with so much freedom.

About Stephan

Stephan J is the founder of and is making a living exclusively online since 2004. He tried and managed to make good profits on everything from Forex trading, options, website flipping, adsense, affiliate websites.His passions are cycling, fitness and he is spending a small fortune on watches and fine cigars

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