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5 Freelance Websites

5 Online Marketplaces For Generating Content

For many people, and especially for blogging beginners, planning and creating content can be a very daunting task that will need vast amounts of energy and time, if you really want your blogging efforts to be successful.

Some people may have the required time and resources, but they lack the necessary writing, media and SEO skills to create quality and efficient blog posts.

This is just one of the reasons why people struggle to generate blog content but you get an idea that the task is not easy for everyone.

Fortunately, there are online marketplaces that offer large pool of freelances and businesses that can do the job for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. These platforms offer you the advantage of posting your project easily and exposing it to thousands of freelancers or agencies to receive offers.

Setting your own set of requirements/instructions according to what your needs are e.g. posting a writing project that consists of 10 articles on X niche with specific keywords, delivered by your specified deadline.

Best 10 Outsource Websites to Hire and get hired
Best 10 Outsource Websites to Hire and get hired

Hiring a freelancer directly without having to post the project in public, as a testing session. Finding and choosing freelancers from many different categories: from content writers, to graphic designers, and editors/proofreaders.

That way, there is a lower risk of hiring the wrong freelancer that won’t deliver to your expectations. Currently (as of 2016), the most popular online marketplaces which you can use to find people that will generate content for your blog are:

1. Upwork (former O-desk/Elance)

UpWork.com counts over 12 million freelancer members which are divided according to their sets of skills e.g. content writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, coders, etc. Annually there are 3 million job postings worth $1 billion. Once you register as a client, you can post you project e.g. need 5 unique article posts fast, and communicate with freelancers via real-time chat.

The platform also offers a time screening tool for checking the work of your hired freelancers at a given time. On the downside, the site charges up to 20% fees for small-scale projects which are deducted from your payment and freelancer’s earnings.

Our rating: 4/5

2. Freelancer

Another big freelance platform with millions of members worldwide with various sets of skills. Freelancer claims that the platform now resides a whopping 15 million registered members who have posted more than 7.4 million projects and contests worth more than $2.2 billion so far.

The platform works similarly to Upwork, where you register as a client and then post your project/projects to receive bids from freelancers. You can also chat with freelancers real-time or browse through profiles to find the right one for your project. The website charges a 3% fee per project earnings, which is lower than sites like Upwork and Fivver or PPH.

Our rating: 4.5/5

3. Fiverr

If you need cheap work done fast, this site offers gigs that start from $5. If you enter the keyword “blog posts” you will find gigs in the results from people who are willing to write a blog post for just $5. Of course if you need something more advanced, you’ll have to order gigs from experienced members that will charge more and possibly buy packets for multiple gigs.

You can hire/order the gig from the freelancer directly, but turnaround time will depend on the time the freelancer specified in the gig’s description e.g. 3 days.

Our rating: 4/5

4. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a purpose-driven business. The platform currently counts over 180.000 freelancers which can be hired directly through their “hourlies” or through posting your required project to receiver offers from freelancers. On the downside, you can post any projects below BRP 7 and site charges a 10% fee which is deducted from Freelancer earnings. The platform also has a more complex invoice system comparing to other platforms and you’ll both need to deposit money and release the funds invoiced afterwards.

Our rating: 3.8/5

5. SEOClerks.com

SEOClerks.com it is a marketplace for SEO services. Besides SEO, there are other related services also which is offered here for its users.If you are unable to find the service, you are looking for then you can post your request and many sellers with offer you some price to complete your given task.

This freelancing website also has affiliate program which also lets the people to make money through becoming affiliate and promoting services. Whenever someone referred by you buys a service, you will get lifetime paid for 10% of every purchase they will make.

Our rating: 3/5


Most of these platforms already test online their freelancers by giving them special skills tests and awarding them a recognition once the test are passed. Freelancers are also encouraged to build and share their portfolios so clients can see samples of their work and choose more easily the one that they see a good for the project.

How to Find SEO Clients

You can, for example, ask their freelancer to show you a couple of blog posts they have written for other clients or share their own blog so you can see their skills and writing style.

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