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The Wolf of Which Street? Your Penny Stocks List to Watch
The Wolf of Which Street? Your Penny Stocks List to Watch

The Wolf of Which Street? Your Penny Stocks List to Watch

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character misused penny stocks. Don’t be like him – invest wisely with this penny stocks list!

A little over 50% of Americans own stock. Since the financial crisis of 2008, fewer Americans invest in the stock market.


But is that smart?

Investing in the stock market allows you to take advantage of compound interest. You can save more money over long periods of time in the stock market than leaving your money in the bank.

Even if you only have small amounts of money to invest, you can try penny stocks.

Read on for more info and a penny stocks list with a few of the best penny stocks for 2018.

What Are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are shares of stock trading at $5 or less per share — most trade at $1 or less.

Penny stocks are riskier than most stocks. But the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Most penny stocks trade outside the major market exchanges. But some low-priced stocks trading on the major exchanges are penny stocks too.

Understanding Risk

Make sure your portfolio is well diversified. Never buy penny stocks with money you’re unwilling to lose.

Look over the company prospectus before investing. If you’ve never invested before, you need to learn how the stock market works.

The SEC watches penny stocks and sometimes halts trading for suspicious price spikes.

Many penny stocks come from new companies. These companies won’t have a price history. While price history isn’t always a future performance indicator, it’s helpful in understanding a company.

Get your financial priorities in order. Make sure you put aside a specific amount of money to work with penny stocks. Once you understand the risk, try your hand at investing in a few!

Penny Stocks List

In early December, many penny stock prices drop. This is due to investors selling off losing investments to pay less tax. That’s a potential advantage for penny stock investors, so be ready for opportunities.

Here are a few penny stocks to watch right now. Look for a complete penny stocks list and more information here as well.

Curis, Inc (CRIS) is a healthcare penny stock. They’re focused on biotechnology and developing new cancer drugs and the stock fluctuates due to drug testing outcomes. The company is close to bringing some drugs to market soon.

Do you believe there’s promise in the company’s drug pipeline? Due diligence on the company’s pre-clinical and clinical trials is important when investing in this stock.

Novavac, Inc (NVAX) is a vaccine developer, with a focus on disease prevention. Founded in 1987, they’re not a new company. They’ve experienced setbacks in 2017 and 2018, but their products are promising.

Novavac is a risky stock with a potential for big profits.

Dogness Corporation (DOGZ) is an interesting business that sells pet products that use smart technologies. The company is based in China and growing fast, so be careful. But the upside is compelling.

Trading Penny Stocks

If you’re trading penny stocks, always know your risk. Look for a good penny stocks list. Take the time for due diligence on every company you’re considering investing in.

The risk is higher than trading on the big market exchanges. But that means the rewards are high too.

Looking for more great finance information? Take a look at more of our articles.

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