Poker Influencers Is A Great Idea For Your Business
Poker Influencers Is A Great Idea For Your Business

Why Using Poker Influencers Is A Great Idea For Your Business

Influencer marketing has long been pitched as a golden goose for businesses – you get to connect with an engaged audience, one that can be convinced to buy the things that their chosen influencer recommends to them.

But if you’re going to use an influencer you need to pick the right one, and the question you’re asking yourself right now is why they should come from the poker industry?

It’s really simple – money.

I explain what’s so great about poker influencers, why their followers are perfect for your business, and a few great ones you should think about using.

1. Poker influencers help people make money

Poker is game – it’s a fun pastime that people can do from the convenience of their phone or comfort of their home, along with testing their skills in a live casino setting.

But while fun should always be the reason for playing poker, like every game it has an objective – to win. And the result you get from winning a game of poker is a cash reward.

This means that the USP of poker influencers is that they help their followers to make money.

Poker influencers help their followers to make money by giving them tips on how to improve their poker skills.

These tips come in a range of ways:

These are just a few of the different ways that poker influencers bring value to their followers.

But what’s the value of this to your business? You can connect with an audience that cares about money.

2. Build a relationship with a money-minded audience

Money is essential to life – it’s what puts food on your table, electricity in your home, and fuel in your car. And whether people admit it or not, everyone cares about money.

Poker followers aren’t unique in knowing the value of money, but where they’re different to other audiences is that their understanding of money extends beyond life essentials into a hobby. And let’s be honest, the reason people make money is so they can spend it – in one way or another.

What this all means is that by connecting with the followers of poker influencers, your business gets the chance to build a relationship with people who really have money on their mind.

And what’s the benefit of this?

You can make your goods and services the thing that these people want to spend their money on.

3. Who are the poker influencers your business should use?

Like all marketing, using influencers is an investment of your resources and this means your money must be spent on the right people – those with the right audiences.

There are many different poker influencers – a cursory search of gives you a list of 513 – but (as a poker player myself) there are a few key ones that you should take a real interest in:

3.1 Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme
Andrew Neeme

Named Video Blogger of the Year at the 2018 Annual American Poker Awards, Andrew Neeme is renowned as one of the finest poker influencers on the planet.

He has an easy style, posts regular content, and isn’t averse to using his platform to aid his business interests – he includes a link in his YouTube channel for you to contact him for business enquiries.

Andrew Neeme’s social followers:

3.2 Marle Cordeiro

Marle Cordeiro
Marle Cordeiro

She’s one of poker’s most controversial influencers, with her vlog polarising people into two camps – those who love Marle Cordeiro and those who hate Marle Cordeiro.

Marle tried her hand at acting and scriptwriting before becoming a poker influencer and this informs the content she publishes – for the interests of your business, she’s someone whose opinion can be given a narrative.

Marle Cordeiro’s social followers

3.3 James “SplitSuit” Sweeney

James “SplitSuit” Sweeney
James “SplitSuit” Sweeney

One of the best technical poker coaches you’ll find, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney has been helping people to improve their skills for over a decade.

An important detail to note about “SplitSuit” is that he uses his influencer status to sell workbooks, courses, videos, books, and software.

Why is this important to your business Because his followers are already willing to spend money on products he recommends – yours could be one of them.

James “SplitSuit” Sweeney’s social followers:

Recommended readings:

I’ll conclude by saying that the why of using poker influencers is clear – their followers are interested in money and the influencers themselves are interested in making money.

All that’s left now is for your business to work out the how. So, establish what you want them to promote, determine your KPIs, set a budget, and pick the poker influencer that’s best for your business.

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