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How To Promote An Online Store

How To Promote An Online Store In 2019

In today’s market, the industries are getting more competitive than ever before.

This means that a lot of businesses are failing. And they are not failing because the market does not have enough space but because they fail to be better than their competitors.

So if you are wondering how you can promote an online store in 2019, then start learning about your competitors.

In today’s e-commerce industry, the majority of businesses are using one of three approaches.

Let us list down all 3 of these approaches.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Paid advertising
  3. Online platform marketing
E-commerce Marketing StrategiesPin
E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Now we will look into each one of these in detail. Let us begin with search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO marketing strategy is pretty simple. They focus on the search engines. Search engines like Google are huge engines to drive sales. These companies start focusing on keywords related to their products. Then they invest in their SEO and they are able to rank in these keyword domains.

There are some benefits SEO marketing strategy offers.

Let us talk about them.

The traffic coming to your website is regular traffic. You can depend upon it. This dependency means that there is a regular flow of revenue for your business. That’s one benefit.

Generally, search traffics have great many numbers of people searching for that term than any other internet platform. That’s two.


Now if we look into the downsides of this SEO marketing strategy, there is one major downside. This downside tells us that the SEO marketing strategy takes a lot of time.

You are investing time and money into generating leads, and this time will have a relatively longer duration. Even if you are competing in one product category, it can take 3 to 6 months easily to rank on that category. And a lot more to rank in the top three positions.

Working in SEO means that you will be working a lot on your content. You will be optimizing your product pages and getting your website’s content to rank by getting more and more links. Website seo score is something that you should keep in your mind when developing business site.

10 Key SEO Trends For 2019 That You Should KnowPin
10 Key SEO Trends For 2019 That You Should Know

It’s not that simple that you bought a domain and made the website live. Website SEO score is a score of hundreds of seo factors defined by Google. For example, product schema, favicon, meta description, page load speed, and image alt attributes. So, website SEO score is a prominent factor when you opt in business.

A lot of businesses do well in paid advertising. They start creating ads that appeal to people. This means that they will bring creative works to incorporate in Facebook and Instagram ads. Then you will buy placements on Google. You will pay for every action you will get on your platform.

But again, it is paid advertising at the end of the day. You need to look into your product. Ask yourself this simple question. Do you think your product quality is of a type that can be featured at a mall?

The reason why we ask this question is simple. You can go ahead and do paid advertising if you think your product is of that great of a quality. Because today, people use social media and the other platforms where you advertise in a very particular and unique way.

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See, when people log into Facebook or Instagram, they do a few things. They scroll through their newsfeed. Then, they type few messages to their friends. Next, they enjoy their time. The same happens in a mall. People go there and can enjoy themselves. If you think your product can fit in this type of culture, then paid advertising is great.

Top 12 Social Media Automation ToolsPin
Top 12 Social Media Automation Tools

There are different kinds of products. The kind of products that do relatively better with paid advertising have a list as well. So take for example consumer products. You want to sell apparel.

Apparel industry has done very well in the malls and it is doing very well on the internet today. It is that simple. Now talk about eye- catchy products. Try to sell such products.

Platform Marketing

A lot of times what happens is that businesses focus on other businesses and rely on them to product results. This means it’s a simple talk. You sign up on a platform like Amazon. You thrive your businesses there.

It works very well for some businesses. It is also important that you find a product niche that you are interested in. Platform marketing has shown great results for some businesses.

How To Implement Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is something very important for businesses. And the earlier they realize it, the better. This is because marketing automation allows in making your whole marketing strategy automatic. It is exactly like the term suggests.

Marketing automation will help you achieve a system of marketing campaigns that automatically direct people to where they should be landing, depending on where they are on the marketing funnel.

Generate Campaigns

Before we get into the details of how you can achieve marketing automation for your business, the first thing to understand is that you will first need to generate great initial campaigns.

Today, a multi-channel approach is very important for businesses. You will need to create campaigns that go on multiple platforms in your advertising channels. Go ahead and create campaigns for social media, your website and what not. And make sure that you are using great quality content there.

Take for example a business that is e-commerce related. Someone clicks on your website by searching it on Google. After some browsing, they leave your website.

But you add them to your retargeting list. There is really the key to building a sales funnel. So maybe you can create a campaign where you can send them a promotion for the next 7 days.

After those 7 days, maybe you are able to get them going by adding them to another one of your funnels. You run this campaign for the next 30 days. You show them ads based on the fact that they opened your website.

generate campaignPin

Suppose they don’t convert after these first two campaigns you run for them. Then you go to YouTube. You show them ads there. And that is how it will work. If you keep doing that, they will definitely convert, at least some of them. That is just one example of how you can achieve marketing automation.

Let us look at another example.

You can create a marketing automation campaign through social media. Suppose that you launch a video on Facebook. People who watch 50 percent or more of that video, you can choose to retarget these people. It is simple yet effective.

Maybe you can show these people another one of your videos. Next, if they watch a certain percentage of that, you can target them for another video. It is going to create a whole content campaign that your visitors will be viewing over a course of time.

Email Marketing

Another way to create marketing automation is to use email. Once someone subscribes to your website or any product, you can collect their emails.

Then you can create a whole set of emails that will be automatically sent to people who have added to your list. It is simple again. There is no science behind it. Really, all you are trying to do is to find people to retarget based on what they are viewing.

If people are viewing your content once, they will be willing to view this content again. If they view your content twice, they will be willing to convert at some point in time.

Using this simple, step by step process, you will be able to achieve marketing automation for your business.

Email MarketingPin

If you are a business in 2019, you know how important reviews are. Let us look at another example. Take for example a marketing agency. The clients that have worked with them should be leaving review and feedback on the agency’s site.

How online reviews affect Local Search Engine Rankings?Pin

How can they use marketing automation to achieve just that?

It is simple. Once the project for the client is completed, they can use their emails and send out an email asking them to leave a review. If the client does not leave a review, maybe you can send them another email after 7 days. And so on.

Using marketing automation, life can be made very easy. Use the examples above and see how that translates into your business.


Online business is a great way to earn handsome money if done in a proper way. Website SEO score, paid marketing, email marketing, and multiple other campaigns can help you out in developing a brand in a short time.

Every small business, with the right dimension, has witnessed humongous popularity with passage of time. Marketing automation is another example of how an online business can help you in building a mansion of your hopes and dreams in the digital marketing era.

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