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Effective Ways to Promote Mobile Application For Free

One of the most difficult challenges faced by some of the tech startups nowadays has to go to mobile app discovery, hands-down. It has been projected that in the year 2017, around 270 billion apps have been downloaded. So, it isn’t difficult to state how these apps have lost their worth in such a vast sea of options.

Ad networks might be a bit challenging to use for the budget-friendly startups. So, there are some other effective marketing options available, proven to be effective and affordable, at the same time.

Start using Facebook

Facebook is a well-known social network, which is hard to ignore.

It does not matter what demographic you are planning to target through your app, but this social site is where you get to find everyone with a few clicks.

With the current number rising to as high as 1.8 billion active users, remember to add this social networking site to promote your mobile application.

For that, you might have to follow some tips.

  • Try creating a separate Facebook page for your app
  • Remember to get feedback from real people on your app
  • Try visiting some of the app-centric community, where you get the chance to promote mobile applications
Facebook Page Marketing Guide
Facebook Page Marketing Guide

Proper use of email marketing

Well, people generally have a misconception that email marketing is about investing in expensive marketing services. But, this isn’t true. All you have to do is create a list of all your potential clients and reach them through your app. For that, try using the app’s website for collecting multiple email addresses.

On the other hand, useful and right email messages will help build relationships and attract more people to use your application often.

Try visiting more stores than the usual ones

Avoid just going for the bigger app stores in the market like Google Play Area or iOS. One of the smart strategies to increase the chances for bigger downloads is by launching your application in other app stores.

You need to present your launching info in details over here. But, that does not mean you won’t focus on the two major names Apple IOS Store and Play Store from Google. Other than these marketing leaders, you have a myriad of other storage options.

App store based optimization services

This might be the very first rule of promoting the app and also focusing on its presence. The main thing about app store optimization is that you can work on it using some DIY methods. You don’t have to bother calling experts for help. You can try conducting keyword research on your own for finding the best key phrases, designed to target your app.

Best Keyword Research Tools
Best Keywords Research Tools

Make sure to create a winning copy by using keywords in the description. Moreover, you have to work on a promising and eye-catching title along with videos and screenshots. Ask users to rate and then leave reviews.

Using cross promotion communities

One of the most powerful channels for acquiring new users is ad networks. If your current development studio does not match with your ad networks budget, then you are always asked to explore cross-promotional communities. These communities won’t cost you a single penny extra.

  • Most of the cross-promotional communities will have the same premises. These are mostly communities or networks of app developers, trying to exchange users or ads without charging any extra money.
  • Even when you are part of a larger franchise of the mobile games, this strategy will work best for you. Most of the developers are known to use cross-promotional platforms for increasing downloads while bringing some new apps.
  • Integrating cross-promotional ad strategy will have its shares of powerful benefits. Developers have the right to conduct some of the well-targeted ad delivery options to choose some specific goals across multiple industrial sectors.
  • After activating cross-promotional campaigns, they will evaluate and capture some campaigns data like gauge impressions and click-through rates.

For optimizing cross-promotional services, you have to go through a series of testing for delivering amazing results.

Don’t forget to brag about your achievements

By enrolling in the consumer award and business programs like Facebook App Of The Year, you get the opportunity to rave about your success. It will provide you with recognition and respect you rightfully deserve as a developer. It will help you to unlock more downloads, as well.

It is a proven way to get various authority platforms learn more about you and write on your apps. Apart from the one mentioned above, there are some other app challenges available to take part in and win. It just needs a bit of creativity from your side and plenty of hard work.

Wide network for app store distribution

Even though Play Store from Google and iTunes from IOS are the biggest game changers these days, there are some more platforms available for your app growth. Try casting for a net, which is wider than just focusing on these two platforms.

You can also try launching your mobile app on some of the other stores for increasing download rates. Some of those other options are Amazon App Store, Baidu, Yandex, Appszoom, and 1Mobile.

Blog for app promotion

Blogging won’t charge you any cost. However, on the other hand, it will help you create some rich content for boosting the online presence of your app. In return, it is way more than just increasing the present number of said app downloads.

You can further try your hand in another major strategy over here, that is, guest blogging. This will work very well in increasing the visibility of your app while trying to share some of the niche-based knowledge.

Keyword optimization and its importance

When compared to the list of top 100 generic keywords, it is way better to be in the first 5 of the specified key phrases. If you get to be more specific, that turns out to be much better! It is a perfect way for boosting organic search visibility and also working on your current business ranks online.

Keyword Research Complete Guide
Keyword Research Complete Guide

So, you can always try using some premium app store based optimizations tools to help you get some of the possible keywords combinations for your app’s growth. Some such examples are App Annie or even Apptamin.

PR strategy at its best use

You might want to promote your application across multiple target media sessions, social media areas, influencers, and blogs. For that, you have to create some PR strategy for creating entertainment and buzzwords.

  • Some of the major areas to concentrate while working on PR sector have to be leveraging notable IPs associated with the app development, interviews with some of the lead developers, inviting journalists or influencers for development studio and more.
  • You can further use PR mode for writing development blog and also offering recommendations and insights to the community. Also, try nurturing engaged and inspiring community as a major source of ideas and feedbacks. It is rather mandatory for offering responsive ideas to media and fans.

Twitter to the rescue

Yes, it is true that Twitter might not be as big as Facebook, but the engagement in this area is one of the highest among other social networking sites. There are multiple tools available for Twitter, which can help generate leads and maintain the higher following. Furthermore, you have the right to control your following, re-tweeting and even un-following schedules on time.

Check Monetize.info’s Twitter Marketing Guide to find out how to effectively promote your app.

Twitter Marketing Guide
Twitter Marketing Guide

Following the mandate points

These major tips are used for promoting mobile apps for free. It does not matter if you are dealing with an Android app or an IOS one, all apps must use these promotional tips to gain better following numbers.

The rules of app stores might vary from one platform to another, but off-store promotion is quite similar. However, don’t forget that these are continuous procedures and you have to learn more from strategies for delivering best results all the time.

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